GTA 5 FAILS & WINS #30 (Best GTA 5 Funny Moments Compilation)

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and Bhop script


press x to put sum respeck on his name


"Kids don't try this at home"Me: Fine I will do it at the reunion tower

Marissa Crook

WOW 2013


He could've just gave you the phone number of the band leader

Zanderfish 123

Who is watching in 2999

Me: Brent cooks??


there was a paper please easter egg, arstotzka easter egg


how can you hit a basketball that far with a bat? not saying its fake but its hard to hit a basketball that far


Do skateboard trick shots

Joshua Tucker

what is the last game

Evelyn Alice

Then why do you have an American accent?

Mia Greer

People sometimes just don’t understand the struggles

Lauren Davis

That was not an upper 90.

The Triplets

Hey Ty did you do gymnastics

And yes, there’s going to be one person replying to me or at least thinking that “it’s payback for her bullying Mary all that time”, or something like that. But just because this young woman made a big mistake, doesn’t mean she needs it straight back in her face. Assuming this story is true...everybody is being a bully as well.

Rodolfo Hernandez

14 bounces

Bothaina Mohamed

the girl: dad i want a phone assassins creed vs ancient drone

Shimon Kindred

awesome video


So where is part 2? Don't tell me he was the human who once fought to defend the key and map?! Omg.

Craig Petersen

you should film tom brady!!!

Boy thakidd