Hardest Gangsta beat ever

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the pigs in the truck were so funny

Porter Mallo

porter mallo

Lord z00n

At 13:57 the man shouted:help me somebody help me.(hungary)


I would never even buy a palette, but mini breaker colours are sooo nice.

Solofo Bini

easter aegon


At 1:25, panda’s name is revealed, it’s Jeff toney AKA Jeffery toney, look him up

Blaze Doom

wee is the sammer camp

Jane Lee

She wasn’t sleep walking. She was just sick



Bao Duong

I love the rage monster


As she said being silent is never the solution you should not fear of opening up.

Amanda Awai

Mahalo nui loa for supporting our local artists 🥰🤙🏽♥️

KMS Bismarck

I say I'm a millionare.......Where's my money?


What if... what if the ending became a cliffhanger just like Infinity War???

Jason Strickland

Y'all should put a ball pit under that swing that that Chad was on

Adventure Crew

guys u have so much money to be braking all those stuff like it you agree

Dale Ervin

hmm some people find it relaxing to hear the voice of the  owner of the channel at least for once this was enough for me :3 its just a thing to improve the sympathy(cant type) between the   viewer and  you ^^ you dont need to do anything if you ask me thats just enough ....

Shows a-

My heart has been reshattered

major m

This was sooo nice💞

Adeel Shah

you are the best of the best trick shoters

Riva Monga

This person is the voice of kwan from office love lol

Random Person

*bikini bottom wants to know your location

Rossana Fioravanti

Bravo bravissimo.... This opening s really awesome....


It pissed me off! No matter how much I tried to get dirty I could not because of the damn rain and now Quiet is gone and no shower scene :-(

Nathan Nutley

you guys should go to the fantasy factory


so true

Perfect perfect

Soham Singh MANGARAJ

Do you guys like pewdiepie

Ahmad Mahmoud

what is the ñame of the song

Même Master

who else looked for an air plane crushes in dubai ?

Flaming Creeper

angry birds

Legend :p

Like for the world to be a better place

maguiner _

i saw the dj khaled on one of the senators name tags haha lol

It's like the face inside is right beneath my skin

Game Gang

You have glued a smile to my face keep the good work up 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👌🏼

Fish Vilet

I... didnt know




Tyler says fuck in this video 🤣😂

Rskjg 2199

6:23 Crash Bandicoot doll on the floor!

Mark furye



yes theres evidence

I hate zorgo group


John Doe

NF is better than Eminem

Wicked Kpop

I like the easter egg at the very end Miss Fuckface  that one had to have been the hardest one to find lol! As always Guru love your vids keep up the goodwork!!!

Wolfy n' Shadow Games

Mr beast did this too

Davis Adventures

comment your favorite part here. mine is 1:45

if i had 150 likes in a week i would say

Sports Man

1 million likes oh my gosh

Kara Davis

Gig em!!!!

Chara Dreemurr︡

Wow 😢