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Epic Gamer!

11:44 you should of used that

Anna Bures

Let's go Canes!

No one:

Old School

What gets every girl: I’m very family oriented


You forgot your signature move ty

Lone Wolf

Living is unhealthy for you so fuck it


i wouldn't be the slightest bit surprised if Dead Rising and Resident Evil are actually in the same universe.

Ximena Suarez

Who remembers the Rosa de Guadalupe episode on this.?


6:00 for the question everyone is looking for

Timothy Cash

Are there any English speaking Americans in New York anymore?? Fuck ME

Beantz Fair

Little star

AquaFire Productions

2018? Anyone?!?!

(Que la noche lo pidió, el destino lo decidió)

Wise Girl

People around me dont mind If I die anytime

Zhour Sadek

The hair of "jerk" was black right???

Lilian Santos

How come at starbucks they never say no only yes 😂

I always end up hating myself all the time and I tell myself that I'm an Idiot and worthless

Sarah Sali

You're really so kind 😢😭😭😭😢👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍

Jaelyn Caballero

This is littered what happened to me too

Jeffrey Malingkas

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G really came up on real talent. No cap this one of the best debut albums

Martu •

For the people that are suffering to cancer or another thing i hope that they never give up and that all of those problems are fixed (sorry for bad English)


60 shot


Do not read more

Weirdguygamer 1234



I knee that he was going to sing leave her Johnny :)


How do I get the bandanaaaaa

Alex Lee

Don't quit making videos!

Communists vs capitalists (marx and adam smith primarily, can add in engels, or other 20th century communist leader. For the capitalists, insert a business magnate, such as Rockefeller)

Syahrul Firmansyah

can i run this game 

Kevin Heung

Steph gave that 31 to Klays 26. Let's see if the story really is different tomorrow as Shannon said.

Alex K

I am watching in 2017

modern tech

All the shots are best butThe twin spin is very favourite shot

Qaisyh Qadry Ezlyn


S Martin

I just wish game animals like deer and elk were more readily available, and farmed because they are overall leaner and better for you than beef

Angel Xavier

Why do some parts looks like the animation for them came out of kingdom hearts 3