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Shilpa Kaur

I love it

Soviet Union

The Rage Monster™ is still here!


Molly is making up reactors, lol


Who made this....

Badral Tulga

Frozen 2: Rise of the Canadians

jeremy morris

Only 1 easter egg


Ah Teen age times. Good old and Fucked up Times 😂😂😂

Buddy Thebeau

Where's part two


ty= 8 shots everyone else combined=4 shots


I've never really tried makeup before but these look SO GOOD that I don't think I'll be able to resist!

Me: undertale

Nataly cabaña Raquel caceres

Like y veras

Jared Lackore

Completely destroys a random tree lmao

Wedalahmed 21

My aunt had 6 children but they all died they didn’t come to live..💔

Justin Hassel

then do it and post it on your channel

Melissa Durny

Were they at Pinnacle sports?

evan bowling

it hurt my soul watching Belmo roll that ball on the concrete


Senior Copter

Damn it Dempsy Stop lag walking all over the place!!!

Alexander Dulce

Man, when you stabbed that guy with the icicle, it seemed pretty, cold.

SamSam Playz

I’m a kid, so I don’t date. But I have anxiety, and I could kind of relate to some things in this video. I would react to the the things that happened to her the same way she did. I could totally relate to the stomach ache in the first episode; I get a ton of those.

Yamile Cullen

The face on the mountain is Jesse Pinkman from breaking bad XD

Michael Patasin

Who's Here Before 100 Million?


Trop cool mais je parle français


“How about a modern name like temporary?”Me:cus I’m dead

Jacob Jacob

So... then it must be Elsa's Magic's Origin story...