history of japan

i'm loyal to Tae jungkook back off

My "friends"


I only fear what’s after and I just wish to know what is after, if there was a heaven or something like that I would live my life at its best


Next video for fbe

suck my popsicle

I’m 11 and everything he said happens to me all the time my mum is really strict and I have to do all the house chores if I get something wrong on my first time I get hit really hard and I do have suicidal thoughts and it’s really not okay for my age and I have tried to harm myself but I’ve kept telling my self that I will treat my child better than they treated me.

Gabe Loves Sales

In Hollywood heights there is a statue in the driveway that is similar to the shrine in dead space

Kingsin toon

OK so what about the other sister?


I think there looking for there parents

E Z G 1

Hey hey hey hey ! Well done

dark_ night_619

Why do oldman's sound like a country singer

Aliyev Samir

İ really like your videos its so cool man and greetings from Azerbaijan :)

soba udon


alny gutierrez

dont break the chrismas and funny🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Elijah Uyeda

dude you're my hero

Ricci Cheah

Mission impossible video with tom cruise


This girl and Rebecca are manipulators,bullies,etc.

Magik Kat

Don’t worry. Shaggy will save you.

Clout Gang

Cone head

Mukriz Frye

The story start until friezaa...or more???...hopefully until jirenn😂😂