HITMAN - Danse Macabre (w/ subtitles) - Featured Contract / SA

i hope you enjoyed and subbed my channel, thank you :)hitman speedruns

Cream The Everything Fixer

I definitely did NOT blow up that puppy from Just Cause 3

and Wiggle

Ruben T

1:26 "It's baseball time!"Don't you mean BASEketball time?

Katie Buttle

Do a video with Cristiano Ronaldo it will be amazing


I ship👀

Chosen Mii

N o l o a d i n g s c r e e n s

Joe Little Productions

Yo we need Ben Shapiro to come on hot ones

Shobha Shaktawat

Hole in one was the perfect one

Asennus GT

Give him a price from losing :)


Should would love to be panda

Manisha Khadka

The most perfect &adorable human being ever exist😢😢...hope you will achieve all ur dreams..may god give u all my happinesse to u😊😊...u deserve the best❤❤

sohail bakhshi

I hate that song

Absentgabe321 Playz

I can see that dude perfect had nothing to do

Carlos Quinones


Zero Two

And btw can u plz make an Easter egg to battlefield 4 plz?

Matt B

How do you find me all these connections?

Nathaniel Neal

My uncle died in April of a heart attack. He said a week before that he was having indigestion so he went to the hospital and the doctor said he would be alright and to get rest (or something like that, I don’t know all of the details) and so they sent him home. Three days later I saw him at my great nana’s birthday party and he was laughing and joking around with us. The very next day after my aunt got home from church she found him unresponsive in his chair and so she called 911 and they pronounced him dead, and he had been for over an hour. I wish the doctor had looked into it more, my aunt said it was a very busy day at the hospital, and it makes me wonder, what if he was the only patient?

Thomas Kinney



How did you decypt the message of CS GO eater egg?

emma lester


Wisconsin Wolfgang

This get boring

Chuck Norris

this time it´s a white guy xd

Romy S.

Minute Videos

Campbell Ayloff



You guys are LEGENDS!!!


You couldn’t find any Americans to interview?😂🤷🏻‍♂️😂

Noah Wirstroem

If your in 2019 like this


4:40 no Drew. Pass interference wins championships.

Ryan Schultz

Team Coby all the way

Michael Bodnar

Go aggies!


What do you think of Alan Wake, Guru? It was one of my favorite games of all time and watching this video makes me wanna go play it again!

Holly Aguilar

I love how much Ethan loves Hila it's seriously the cutest thing ever.

Stefanski Michal

Best y❤

Kleo Honoré

They should be om dude perfecti to they're amazing

Engji Hoti

Is it a girl or a boy


What many don't realise is that san frantokyo is in itself a reference to the man on high castle

press on a sexy girl

Scynthea Mc'cool

They better bring back the fashion contests and beauty ones ;^;


I would love to see Jim Cornette, the wrestling manager, wrestling guru eat some wings!


They’re all hoes they judged jj if how he dressed and they don’t even know he’s loaded

Thot Patrol

The call of duty 4 mannequin easter egg is just a bit recycled

Kartik Hirani


Michelle Travis

Is that Ty

Saul Rocha

Start of the video

Michael Beeche

backflip for style

Mhg Mhg

What the hell school has boy's who beat up girl's 😡

You'll only be happy if you look a certain way"

Martha Bradshaw.x

That foster father makes me sick

Dameon Lee

u know it's skittles


Cody and Luke's name should be the crushers


I have seen the same tittle and videos from another YouTube that is Latino that have the same videos

Dempsey Kelnhofer


-Athstetic Sunflower-

ik this is sad...but her drawing is pretty. I would fuck.

Alexa Figeroua

my sister had the cord wrapped around her neck

Brennan Kunkel

Gavin there are only 354 comments...


Here’s a little idea I thought up: