How Big is the Universe | Dark Matter and Dark Energy in Telugu | Journey of the Universe Episode-2 - YouTube

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penis 2

Democrats are now just communists

Hunter Cruz

Lol borderlands 2 easter egg XD minecraft!!! =D

- Fewkey -

It still unclear for our family but my father I belive he still smoking and kept it a secret and there were little snig so we really can't do anything my mom tried to check his bag but my father hides it and we don't know where one time my mom saw he was hiding at the basement closet. the closet was lock but the key was on my father poket and she found the key on his pant and she open it and saw the bag open it and she found one ciredet but it was burned my father made an excuses saying one of my coworker smoke and at that time the bag was open thanks to that my mom could not do anything


There's also a reference to the film 12 Angry Men right next to that Red Dead book.


Tyler is good at doing that accent

julie ann Laag

11:32 is the funniest part

Charola Moreno6

I found this so funny 😂


Saffanah Taqiya Tanjung

Is this Indonesian???

Ari Stuckey

1:95 shaggy with acne


First (sorry old habit) love these videos

Brix Javier

My idol is coby

Harsh Souls



Gotta enjoy the little things not living, maybe you could do a text screen in frontoff it


This looks brilliant :3

Ejx Baller



Your not a housewife you deserve better

Asiya’sWorld 74

This made me cry


Ok, so fish & chips instead of lamb kebab then... Well, I think I can make that adjustment :)

Pro Average

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Jane Hughes

red Sox

Mr Tea

Atleast he looks better than me

Cornelius Abercrombie

This is what Thanos snap done did

IzzyRose LovesBnha

"Bro, what are you on?"

Wizard Ash

Um no cap but I think that guy at the Port was starting to "like" Jaiden plus he called her a nerd (maybe) I wasn't paying attention to the video that much

ArSkakin Moopo

Who watch 2017?

Tuck and Linc


What kind of tea is this?

In the TLOTR dead orc one, there is another orc right next to him, his reaction was like "Oh sht, that was close"


I didn't care mutch about this game... Then I learned it was distributed by Ubisoft... and I began to care even less.


I don't like the visuals. Am I alone who feels like this is massive downgrade from Battlefron II graphics?


R.I.P jack frost


I was born to a 17 year old mother who was only 17 at the time:


I don't get the end, when you went back to the pack a punch on what we assume is Earth you looked up and the earth was still in the sky???

Ferine Fox

Yes.... people who have more subs to me , ^ ,

I feel bad for the boy :(

vuenavir sanchez

Why did she reupload this? I even saved this and later found out no longer available😱

Teri J

I'm thrilled for you! Congratulations

Kenneth Weaver

Th curve is freaking crazy on the frisbee 😂😂

الدخس ؟

Amazing work

Paris Richmond

This is asss!!