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Joeray Molina

I am so confuse about all the call of duty zombies trilogy


In the first trailer someone said the first partof the trailer is the ending of the film hmmmmmmm

Jennifer Alicia

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Tyler Morrison

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Sareeya Ali

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James Purchase

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This is liltrialy the only video that ever made me cry I'm sorry for your loss the whole time second by second I was thinking this could happen to my mom and I just wanna say I hope you live through it good blees your soul. ps it was not your fault ;) have a happy life.

Ripa Moramee

Totally agree with number 1, that's awesome that they did that.

Rebecca Flowers

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Robert Robinson

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These are the last generation of physical consoles (Xbox & Playstation). The future is in streaming games, just like happened with video.

CJTheWolf Demon

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Browny Mate4040

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Peyton Hooper

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Yeah, i bet Battlefield 1 will have season pass that is 100$

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Mace 2.0

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Please, don't try to fool us, you know you like doing it too much to quit.

Deb Callies


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Mesh Moops

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Mt.Dew_SwEg_master_720 Crap Pants

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Naima leyva

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M. V.



I am almost definitely the Secure type but I also kinda have fear of dieing alone so... I think that I'm most likely the Secure and Anxious type humon

Arely Carrillo


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YT Gamer Pro XL

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Aidan Marriott vlogs

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Mary Light

His soul is probably in what’s been described by kids (when they talk about stuff from before they were born) as the “Reflection Room” as in he’ll be made to look over his bad decisions & how he treated/effected others- especially loved ones, like you & your sister.


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