How much should YOU charge as a composer? - YouTube

In this video, I discuss my personal approach to pricing myself with prospective clients for composing. The views in this clip are 100% my own, so please do not take this advice as gospel...find your own approach but make sure you value yourself appropriately :)

Ocean and Brycen

Kobe has always been my favorite


There’s a recipe for a vegan dish in Scott Pilgrim, i’m not exactly vegan, but it’d definitely be interesting to see you make it, and then see you make the ultimate version!

Dustin Hardage

Every single clip Tyler was in it was successful. /\ /\ /< • >\ /--------\ / \ / \ /_____________\

Absence- No There's the only one that's me

Bethany Unger

Poor panda

Few Moments Later.. Just saying


Daniel Dai

“Meet me after school and I’ll buy you some chips”


Still less rape than your average hentai



Zaineh H

Ok im ready for the movie im just not ready for the kids to be singing the song for the next 5 years

Infamous Mango

I also think Harry has autism

chad danylak

i miss ads being at the start of video instead of during the video

Marvin De leon

Feliz cumple

Laura Stormo

Nice, dudes!!

Skelett 11

not much, i know them since 2 weeks

Baba Jj

I know this felling when I am scared that I will die it in increasingly fast with no breathing till I lost all my engrey and I faint


What a beautiful, charismatic and talented young man!!! I pray that you go far, because you are the kind of soul who won't take success for granted. Cheers, and good luck from Canada!! ☺

Speedy Toothbrush


vang yang

You know what people say its GODS PLAN I'm sorry :(


So sorry for your loss!! Stay strong, we are all thinking of you

King Fields

Who is panda 🐼?

I Do Stuff

good video

Nightmare Alice

Me still a child and I get the jokes WHAT HAVE I DONE WITH MY LIFE

Rogue Ninja

She took that money quick 😂

Justin Freeman

I go extra dressing with this drip I call it thousand island 🔥🔥🔥


it would suck if they made it then on the way home it deleted somehow

"Your safe now, but in Spiderman 4 I will shoot you with a pistol"

Juan Alvarado


KiritoThuguto 6072

Is anyone else in destin, Florida right now?


cool vid guys

Oh Okay

Yall need Jesus

Iman Q

2019 anyone??

Jude Robson

That was probably the scariest Bioshock Easter egg I have ever seen.

Poptart_Pam lol

Donald trump do way to much🙄

Edgar Guzman

They are also rich , they could’ve just go buy a new one