How Russia Stopped The Blitzkrieg - YouTube

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super since

I wish I can play vr or do this challenge fuck my life I will watch it later its just pain

A Taste of Aloha

I love that you experienced my home! Thank you for showcasing local talent! I love you guys <3

Roxinha FR-X


GCBROS Gaming Creative Bros

When i was 5 i took a snicker from the store and was never caught. SAVAGE

Johnny Dean

Coby has 0%! I am not kidding!

Josh Kirby

I always look forward to your videos :)

epiccool rockerc

oh great wise master of easter eggs.


Yall, this video kinda makes people with these horrible opinions feel safe and and accepted. It's dangerous to make these people comfortable with these opinions bc it's the entire reason why we didn't even get the basic civil right to marry as of like, 3 YEARS AGO. Homebois, this really ain't it. Make homophobes afraid again.

Just don’t try to live

Why the fuck is “bullying” a bad word?


I truly love your easter egg videos, but theres one probelum, you complain about people complaining and somehow get top comment, it bothers me that you can be kinda rude to others that just state there opinion about how it annoys them, try to have a little sympothy for others

Rofanite x

I'm Irish and I am shocked at how they treated you and I promise most of us aren't mean but not all of us are nice...

Tom Van

Imagine getting paid to play games and have fun... 😭


I fell in love when I was 3... I mean I fell in love with a teddy bear when I was 3

Diamond Gaming

Wolf 🐺 and panda 🐼

zachy studio's

Uh okay 😀

Resucho Boi

I’m short so I know how that feels g

• Casually Sabrina •



Their not normal people their the 99.9 percent of kids that are cruel... as they say kids are cruel creatures... I would know.


Boy: send me pics

Niaz Mohammad

These beautiful paintings get me always