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Luke Weston


Rich Jacson

You guys should play hide and seek in your whole building

Alexander Schmid

Is that not dangerous?

Sam Atoule

Tyler Was Public Cursing While He Said, I’m Safely In The Championship/shit

John Cant Play

who else realised this is their 10 year aniversary


whos watching in 2016?

Flash Playz

Weird flex but OK

Aidan Ammons

you forgot the stop hammer time easter egg

Why are you worried about open relationships WHEN YOU'RE BEING ABUSED???

Gary King

I literally can’t tell the difference between the twins. I don’t know who’s Coby or Cory.


Epic. First

Kayla Riggs

Embriotic fluid 🙈😆😂😂 that's a new one for me hahaha! (Aka AMNIOTIC fluid) but we understand you're a sleep deprived new daddy. Congratulations guys!

dew soul

I think 512$


Goldberg Variations playing in the background is a fairly obvious reference and it's not to the season 2 finale of the TV series. The music plays prominently during Dr. Hannibal Lecter's escape in The Silence of the Lambs. I recognised it as soon as I heard it in the first meeting.

Casper Claysson

What an plot twist

Savage Napps

More Tijuana piranhas skit 🤣

Oskari Kero


LittlePlayz - Roblox and More

Who just clicked on this to see the kiss?

Christine Greco

Who is watching in 1739

Ryan Whites

I was there a year ago

Carson Wright

Ty always wins. It gets old.

shawn briseno

Great video mate!


heh. Level 69. heh.


Does anyone know how we can find Camilla? Does she have social media?

Fortnite Grady

I told you

Noah Rainbow

Will be sending this to my mom, she smokes cigarettes and so does my dad. We used to spend so much time together before that...

itsTwaza 110

This truly broke my heart

Ain Soumaya Bt Ali Noor Roslan

My favorite is the panda😂😂❤️😊

Shafira Kudo

I think she's anti social... not introvert... from what i heard... introvert person capable to socialize with other but just cant be open minded. She's like a shy, quiet person...

Maya Varma-Wilson


Ragini Singh

JP isthe best

Ahmed 3132

The background music gave me some how to train a dragon vibes

mun mun

i lol'd at the hitman easter egg when lenny got owned by an icecream truck

Sebastian Holguin

I bet I won't get a reply from FunWithGuru

Cubing Inc


Please reply

Tbone 1

You’ll shoot your eye out is from a Christmas story