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Brisa antonella Villegas

Jeon jungkook i love youuuuuuuu

Matt Reed

love the song

greg lai

ME xd



The Circus Brothers

love your videos

Darcy Peeling Vlogs

Can you guys film in Canada plz

Gloria Curnutt

This was made at Sky Ranch (Vann Tx) I was there about 3 days ago


Funnie Inernet Memez: Te Gaem. 

rajan paul

portal right

Can you guess what was the last word for those who were dying from the heat wave?


Poor girl

North Carolina Relics

Favorite Dunk: Double EastBag

Nugis Drawing

all we do is just play through the game and didn't find any secret

Light Imagay

i dont think thats really the case, most girls are just dumb, thats it. case closed lol.

Elyzar A. Aziz

Ofc I clicked Juanpa first.

Jord Kills

What enchantment does it have?

Kristina Zhup

all i can say is dude perfect

This video is

XD Guy


David Knuckey

1:13 in Monster Inc, the location was borrowed from Bug’s Life

Chan wind

Is 2019 now

Smoker Official

Coby and cory 😣😣😣


the fear to be close to someone.... i know it but i somehow am able to controll it i have problems trusting ppl and it takes months to even years ive had to manny sudden rushes to then months later being left behind for someone better (or sometimes worse) . Its hard and even worse to know that you cant do nothing about it but if given enough time to learn to trust someone without them suddenly no longer want to speak to you is so worth it... ive given life manny chances and it ended up being worth to take the risk of meeting some new ppl (i have friends whom have been part of my life for 3-4 years now and only now ive gotten intro truely trusting them) my heart still bleeds when im shot down but then i see how far ive come and know giving up is not an option... (sorry i couldnt watch the whole thing it made me think of parts of my life id rather forget)

Dustin Henderson

With the first pick in the 2017 NFL draft the Cleveland Browns select The guy with the beard from Dude Perfect!

Lucky Leah

I absolutely LOVE the art style of this one. It's probably my favorite. 2019:Yes. Psycho's the new deal!

maria gallagher

Pls do red cards in russia

Bayu Andhika

That funy & Amazing


Judith Byrne

The second one for ping pong song was up on the house top third one the ABC songLike if you thought so

Emi Kate’s Weekend Adventures

4:12 that’s definitely my friendBut except it’s a Ms.

Cloud Dreamer

This is fake

Max Ding

He looks like Steve carell

Viper Neon

Did you get the storm flip


It was funny when they fell on the water

Skarleth Galeas

Your birthday is novermber 19 my is in 18

Angelina Leonard

Ty looks more like with his dad

Blackdragon180 UN

Add punishment weel

April O

My sister name is Isabella

Me: I ain't surprised.

Nico B

It’s time I make a bold prediction, this was set up

Tamie Liwanag

Poor doggo...

Mustafa junaid

They could've used this to feed poor people

Arwin Cabbuag

Dp can you give me some rc boat


Trash crowd cheering when someone is injured