How to get inside the baseball stadium in Watch Dogs 2 - YouTube

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مهيمن المالكي

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Until this day i still hurt from those words. I hate myself more and more avery day. If any chance a parent was reading this all child need to be love and support. I am now 11 years old and still have a low self-esteem. Please love your child for who they are. I'm not saying how to raise your children but, please dont forget to let your child know that they are safe and will be accept by who they are.

Thomas Belleau

You should do the same thing with the cheetah Tyreek Hill from the Chiefs

Ruqayah Abdus-Samee

Paul is a good sport

Yo Hon

Teams that have fun win also good choice of tunes

6 months later: when’s the Why.

وحش الخدع والافلامVFX


Alex Ortega

Im mexican and i support my country but USA ROCKS!!!!

hongcheng liu

I really want to know what they said in the interview, but my english is not that good, where can i have a subtitle for this video?


I can’t even watch the whole video. It still hurts my heart....🏁

Simon Brazier

well done coby


Guys my last video didn't manage to even get to 50 Likes which is understandable because of the type of video it was, but it would mean alot if you could get this back up to 100 Likes. It literally takes one second and helps me out alot. Thanks.

Cars Fan24

3:08 it made it again


0:02 Not gonna lie, I finished this little melody with the X - Files theme lol

Claire Sadlowski

I used to be very skinny in high school and, instead of minding their own business or asking if I was alright, my peers spread rumours that I was anorexic. This was true and I felt so alone. These were people that I’d gone to school with my whole life. These were people who were selfish. These were people who I thought were my friends.

William Watson


Kill the foster dad OR just run away like to kill or hurt comment to run away

Channel of T.W.O (Trevor World Order)

why are u using the giant penis

Stefano Finco

Me when my mum finds out I'm watching porn: 4:51

Matt Daley


srilakshmi lingamaneni

The basket😏


w8 then how tf does darts work lol


Ah Shit, Here we let it go again.

Noman DaGreat

Those 8 minutes were one of the most meaningful minutes of my life

i love him💚🧒

Savage Ninja Girl

I’m wearing Adidas pants right now


This is more confusing then my algebra test..

Benjamin Anstee

This is definitely the best Easter egg there is. Its new and you can complete it.I mean that is amazing

Lisa Rice

They have to much fun


Kyle Huxley

i think that you guys should have TONY HAWK next

Kaden Peterson

go purple hoser.

Kooky Carter


David Mfula

Hey guys, quick one. DP squad might not be the best... never mind.


That maggot this grossed me out so much

Ian Carlson

Too bad I won't get GTA V until it comes on PC.

V D Srivastava

Signature dunk is my favorite dunk

Sumumba Sobukwe

Cant wait to hear idiot skip in the

Violets are blue

savvas papadopoulos


Shane Thissell

Check out Quest for details they are my grandparents and my uncle!! Someone check out the channel please!!!!!!🥺🥺🥺🥺he hit 10,000 subscribers!!!!

Charito Andino