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they should probably get him for quarterback instead of romo.


This is the only Xbox exclusive i would like to play, considering how heavily invested i am in the storyline of the games, and i am not going to go against all of my morals and buy and xbox 

Kitty Paws

Oh god the pe teacher raped her 😬🤫🤫 kids don’t understand anything luckily

Camden XP

Play giant Dodge ball

Sandra Lopez

I want the 2 new nerf bows to do trick shots like you guys

Prince Charming

Nooo atreus😂😂

Jtk4 Jr3

Congrats Coby

Rachael Withers

Ty's so sexy he already know's by the way that was the song

Daniel 123278

Skies the goat

kenan saray

Anyone know what Guru's pc specs are?

Recto Verso

His editing skill was not too good, but the most important thing it is this video that he make about an easter egg and reference make all the viewers literally satisfied about the information giving by those easter egg in game.Such a good video from you man :)


There is no chance of me telling mom about this at all..

The broken train doors

Mable Canon

Guy: * touches privates*


I get it nao

Bros Does

5:42 MF sounded like cosmo from the fairly odd parents when he got buff and said im a man a biiiiigg stroonng man

Just Sienna

cancer is horrible but loosing ur hair i stead of ur life is better and anyways it’s just hair it will grow back💓