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➡️➡️How to make money in music (and get paid!) | FAQ Friday : cover the following questions during this episode of FAQ Friday!• How do you go about figuring out splits for publishing and do you usually pay the musician whatever the going rate is per song, pay to play? (0:49)• Aside from experience, what’s can I do to develop a better producers ear? Currently, I often don’t hear the subtle differences some producers rave about. (4:44)• If you’re a producer on an album, how do you set up the production to make sure everything is recorded, mixed and mastered and also released on time? (8:16)• If you have two Mics on a guitar amp, is it preferable to blend those onto one track or should I pan them one mic left and the other right? (11:34)• What are some of the reasons a producer might use one musician to record a reference track just to have another come in and record the exact parts over again, leaving the reference artist with no album credits? (13:04)• How do you go with recording drums and bass together? (15:04)❤️My Favorite Plugins:➡️Waves MV2: RBass: Vox: Compressor: Sound 1173: Kali Audio Studio Monitors: 3 Part Mixing Course: up here to get exclusive videos and content Winners: Like A Pro is a website which features great tips to help the beginning recordist make incredible sounding home recordings on a budget.

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