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Yesterday I posted on Facebook and Twitter asking whether you guys like to know how to make money on YouTube? Many of you guys responded and asked me to create a detailed video. So here I go!Read More: TechTrack:Malinda:

Natalia Todd

At least you told the truth if I just continued lieing well I can imagine where the story goes

tham vu

Dear MinuteVideo, I like your videos to learn but why don't you get englishsub to easy for understand????

chris palmer

you also don't need to fire the Chicago typewriter just to do the animation

Uni- Corn

Wait, is this Maia Mitchell from the Disney Channel movie "Teen Beach Movie "?! 😭😱😂😂

Totoposh Animates

Y did his hair go from black to blonde?


I would just like to take this opportunity to say......GIG 'EM!!!

Matthew Beard

Get Tom Brady in a video cause hes a punk

Cara De La Mare

;m hi

ian 32767

Shark won

Kickoff & Play

3:46 Camera Spotted

Yeah if you change your mind, you know

Yordin Barrios

Or Panda


Mr Waffles

Really nice dude!

Kylie:”which car should I take, I think imma take this baby”

The Cereal Guy


Kids Vidrine

Tyler toney don't be the rage monster guy

23 or 24 bounces

Chasley Colvin

Did anyone else notice when the mine doesn’t look like that on screen doesn’t wasn’t spelled right. It was spelled doenst

minnie and my

Omg are you serious... You made a fake account...

Trina VandeBerg

team coby!

Ade ́ Singleton


Smalls Clan

Rip Cory

Impressions HD


GirlyKillerPro 123

Oooooohhh that test I did you were talking about I'm in 5 grade and there were 4 8th graders with me doing the test with me when the answer was obviously A all the 8th graders picked C and I was tricked for about 3 questions and then I was like enough with the nonsense I'm picking what I think is correct and I did and I'm proud of that


Guru senpai, notice me <3

Tania Thompson

All of thome were my fav


If your watching in 2017 look at the red balloons like in it

Indra Gustsone

But how, how, HOW to be happy?!?

richie benedicto


ANIME lover #

CAN I GET 2 LIKES ? IT'S MY B'DAY edit- thnx for 1 like ....


I wouldn’t want to have a baby, I would like to adopt

kling kling Manuel

Damage your butts

connor kenway

2:30 same as ac3 not right

walking dead esp 1

I heard sonics voice

Killer Queen

I was the eleven thousandth like

Saryn Williams

When my brother was born he couldn't exhale so all the doors kept on working to keep him alive. And after a while they managed to help him. Also, the not so heartwarming part is when a doctor said to my painfully tired and panicking mom "Here in Texas we like to breathe!" not cool man not cool.


Cory and coby are brothers

cristian g


Epic Gaming 56

Do a video about panda face revival like if you agree

And if history has taught ME anything, a third is surely to follow...perhaps this time, one that doesn't strive for balance and mediation, but one that causes chaos and confusion :O


dude this definitely deserves a like and fav!

Mark Hazleton

i used to be able to make long 1-handed when i try it feels impossible almost.I would love to throw the ball from THAT far up in the arena though...i would need a few racks of basketballs though...and ALOT of re-takes!!! we would need to recharge the camera battery a couple times....GJ.


I have bpd too. It sucks.

Jackson Hill

I did it faster than everyone