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Curious how to use the Ibotta App to earn cash back? I've earned a ton of money in cash back using this top app! This Ibotta tutorial will show you exactly how to use the Ibotta App, how to score Ibotta deals & tips on how to use Ibotta to get the most cash back each time you shop! Are you using Ibotta already?? If not, WHY NOT??!!It's literally one of the top money saving apps around!**If you haven't already signed up for Ibotta, use my referral link: (Use code: QHXQ if you need it) That way, you can join our huge team! Remember, you have 7 days to redeem your first rebate using the app in order to get that $10 cash bonus! So go use the Ibotta app this week! (**And if you didn't know, I do get a referral credit when you sign up using my link. So after you sign up, give your referral link to your friends too so you can earn extra bonus cash!!)YES, you can use Ibotta with coupons! So if you are into couponing, stack the Ibotta deals on top of your coupon deals!Also, just in full disclosure, I HAVE received referral credits on top of my cash back. HOWEVER, I've been using the app for over 4 years now. (Since May 2013!) So that is cumulative from the very beginning for sure!But it's definitely doable for most families to have anywhere from $500- $1500 in cash back per year--without any referral credits-- just from shopping alone. (Depending on how regularly they use the app) And you can definitely refer your friends to join too to earn bonus cash too! So make sure you do that after you sign up!💥ARE YOU NEW TO MY CHANNEL?Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! Would LOVE to have you as part of The Melea Show Family!👪 💋💗OTHER VIDEOS YOU WILL LOVE:🎥How to Get Rid of Acne Fast & OVERNIGHT with my Band-Aid Trick: Shopping Tips: What you SHOULD & SHOULDN'T Buy at Costco! to Get FREE Stuff at Disneyland!(22 Disneyland FREEBIES!) to "Live the Ultimate Life for Less"??Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to my channel by clicking here➞ ➞**Make sure you click the bell icon so you can get notifications. I like to do LIVE Videos and LIVE giveaways a lot! That way,YouTube will let you know when my next video goes up. And I don't want you to miss anything!💗Would LOVE for you to follow me over on Instagram for posts and my InstaStories! We have a lot of fun over there. I share more money-saving tips, beauty tips, favorites, our family's travels and more! Find me @TheMeleaShow over there. And comment with #YouTubeFam so I know you came from YouTube!FOLLOW ME:💙Instagram ➜ ➜➜ Every Tuesday and Thursday Night to watch a new video!For collaborations, business inquiries, and personal inquiries please contact to send me something?! I love getting stuff in the mail & may feature it on one of my videos:The Melea Show1878 W 12600 S #507Riverton, UT 84065XO, 💕Melea


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