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I'll Buy Whatever You Can Spell Underwater Challenge! Today we will be picking our letters from the bottom of our pool. Each bag has different number of letters. The smallest amount is 6 and the highest is 30. Who will get more letters and spell better words?!?Share your thoughts at our Instagram at:#MagicBoxThank you again for visiting and please don't forget to share this video with your friends and family : )SUBSCRIBE BUTTON:can follow us on:1. TikTok : Facebook:Instragram:Twitter : MERCH :are our other videos:Food Challenges:Lunch Box Switch Up Challenges:Challenges: Challenges:Shopping Challenge:Toys:Eggs:

Jenna Coralenne

I want to talk about my problems with my mom but im afraid she'd think differently or tell my grandma and my grandma would handle the situation terribly since she always thinks im joking. Like I dont mean it. And that Its just a phase and it would go away. I dont want to believe that i have a problem cause if i do i feel like others would say. "Wow she says she has depression, does she even know how trully bad depression is?" "Shes just over reacting.. she should't jump to conclusions" i always have these negative thoughts. Beautiful red head


Jeez, shut the fk up, i was joking wow.now don't take some random guy's youtube video so seriously.. idiot with problems

Jackson 0_0

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Dévényi Barnabás



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Smash Mouth is freaking awesome, such a same that is overlooked as "The Shrek Band". You guys should listen to their album "Astro Lounge", it's pretty great. :D

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Krystel Ouellet



MSF Catrachotag

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