I Created Popular Songs Using Music Blocks in Fortnite

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Big Joe Gaming

I was on vacation one day before this happened I would be tromitized if I was there god bless to everyone there


Why didn't thanos finger snap fortnite out of existence?


man the creaters love the orginal shadow warrior


most unique comment

William Parker

hey gise just so yoe no ia10

Vlog Bros.

Honestly the simulator detected the club and not the ball.

Hochul Song

😃 nice shot panda

jack danielsjr

cody and his dad

Hype Lock

I feel like I might have this but I dont know. A lot of this checks out for me and I can never get enough out of life, im autistic so i dont make friends easily, and when i did I would always do something eventually that pushed them away and now its gotten to the point where i feel so alone in my hometown. Like nobody wants anything to do with me or even give me a chance anymore because eventually ill just do something to make them regret me. I dont have anyone now and its been like this for 3years. I turn 20 this June and I dont want to keep living lile this.

Ey, el perreo es su profesión

Minecraft parodies w/ Mahones

All of their Introduction videos are bullshit cus everyone is such a bot

Cavee Ocelott


Ki In Han

this Frozen 2 actually the point is Elsa gonna find out who she really is and how she got the power

Snow Assoufi

Wait if she's homeless then how did she submit the story?

De Wey Of da Deval

Bro the tone of that “and I was right” there’s a bit of sadness in Cortana’s voice 😭😭😭

Faze Robot

Garrett said f*** at 1:35

Nova Money

They have never unmasked him or her

Angel VanTrees

I shared and subscribe and liked the video

April with luv

Army😜!!! no? Ok I will be quiet 😒


Yup,and a lot of McDonald fries

Lazy Lino

But I am locked at the spawn, and both tunnel 6 and 11 are digging .. what to do


She should have slapped him

Luna Rhetoric

Wendy wins

The Bro Nation

Who else thought the title was

TheBlackCat CrossedYourPath

Hmm... Maybe I am a little bit psychotic


Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabs Aree Heeeeeeeeeereeee

Matthew Starfish

not a good idea to watch this at 3am in the morning

Paintball Martyr

It does work you idiot

Irene Constantine

I am

Dylan Ziggy Fox

There was a myth through out the first black ops that people would shoot every head off the manikins, and they would turn into zombies. Didnt happen but they made something cool out of it :D!

Arthur Fonzarelli.

Fly you fools

Nathan Zhang

that means dantdm lived the same life if hes mikes brother

Stephen Bachman

3:55 ahh don't feel sad.

Matteo D'Alfonso

Saw La La Land at the end, did u like it? i absolutely loved it one of my fav of recent years. Keep doing you Guru!

Clash of Geckos

I allmoset cried 😳😳😳😳😳😳😟😟😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😳😳😦😳😦😳😦😳😦😳😳😦😳😦😟😟😟😟😟😮😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣

Arturo Castillo

Let's build a NY wall and Atlantis will pay fot it


atif naqi

Ty looks like santa cloud

bhoumik swami

please teach me also


I feel like the pain is worth it.