If I Had a Homesteading Do-Over | The Things I'd Do Differently If I Could | Roots and Refuge - YouTube

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Tanner Leith

It is so fucking cool

StraightupKills Clan


BTB Studios

Thats why do not mistreat a girl or a woman


I love this song!!! Royal Tailor 😎

Aimee The Weeb

I’m from a Catholic Christian family and I’m bisexual.

Brawl stars Gene

Where is the range monster

Devin Kerr

How did they get the basketball on the rooftop


How many times this niggq gone pop out

Ahmad Albaiti

Did anyone notice how the paper didnt print

Takumi Fujiwaru

You didnt get the Jurassic park Easter egg i found it though id have to go back and look through my ps4 photos and videos but it says "clever girl." Then it has a flipped car with a plushy or toy snake on top of the flip car and on the ground next to the flipped car is a bloody baseball hat


Now have a random viewer interview a celeb with questions you give them Friends friends

ISSAC Arellano

clicked for American wasteland



Efrain Antillon

LA dogers

Reda Karachi

i love the musik


AJ's Escape

It's weird how this video describes what I'm going through in middle school now

yhon keiber rojas villalovos

3:04 aaaaa mi pichulaaaaa


This was actually so weird to watch

Ravindra Reddy Reddy

Your cool

School nurse: oh no, sadly we don’t have a therapist at this school

Lemur City


pako joe

Size doesn’t matter Game freak: are you challenging me

Aidan Carter

So true

Kenadie Games

6:55 is my fav part Souja Boi phone!😂😂

Hawk Falcon

As soon as I saw the last one, I was all like, "Oh, the Internet is gonna hop all over this shit!"

Exodus Moore

is that true that you made those shots all the way from there

project zorgo member 14

Hit each other’s arrows

Marissa Mireles

pause at 8:40

moriah olinick

You guys should have a pogo stick race. Winner gets a golden pogo stick.

Super Bros

Model rocket battle 3 please

Stacy Sackett


Mario Meireles

Congrats for 1 million subs!

Carlos Armien-Afu

lebron James lebron james

Shadow Zane



So sorry for her loss. This is so sad

Quinn Fitzpatrick

No one