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Printer companies are ripping us off, and it's high time we did something about it. Join me in starting the revolution.


Happy Easter! It only took me 7 years but I finally made a somewhat Easter related video! I've done Christmas and Halloween but have always somehow forgot the most obvious one. In this video I take a look at easter eggs that come in a more literal form than what we're used to. I hope you all have a great Easter and thanks for watching!


12:19 im sorry emma but that made me cringe lol you were the popular cheerleader and they were the ones who were bullied and their only friends were each other i-


So... Guru what are your plans for next year?

I wishhhh

Brett Koller

film with the broncos

Andrew Perianayagam

Toronto Maple Leafs edition


what did the librarian tell the student

graham yater

This is my dream


I have the app and I'm so close to finishing space

Kirby Main

who else forgot they are grown men?

Rashatalip Gazal

Everyone is talking about how bad the parents are, completely ignoring the reasons that turned them into that wasn't fair for their kids . But it wasn't easier for them

mohammad najem

T.T/team tyler

Todd Johnson

can u guys make a video of exploding tv's

That Guy

If you throw the easter egg weapons (apart from the left hand of glova) then they dont wear down but they have the same effect :)

Lolcraft Gagné


Kosta Kosta


A Gollihur

Hey has anyone seen Queer Eye? Very good show. Everyone should be loved for who they are!!

Nathan Kim

React to Mr. Beast's 5 largest donation videos

Campbell Davis

you literally stole the storyline of a black mirror episode

txxehyungx x

I was worried about the dog

*•Kawaiix Mika•*

People are so brave to tell people those videos

Enforce Kickmore007

November 2018

Andrei Hrin

Just me search for T-Swift comment?

Exactly. It sounds stupid Tati.

christian rodriguez

That's why they call Tony the boogeyman ! He takes people's souls in there. He would beat anyone in the division

Yessenia Benitez

i dont get the cars joke from the headlights

1,000 subscribers with no videos

The trailer still doesn’t tell you anything.Nice one DisneyLmao,chill out I just left a comment on YouTube it’s just annoying how we don’t understand what’s happening.and yes I understand that Anna won’t let her get hurt but that’s the ONLY thing it tells us.

Spin and hit this comment with a dislike

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I 💖 dude perfect

Player Games

Лайк кто русский

Tiffany Ortiz


phương hà my nguyễn

what a meaningful story <3

Ainsley McNabb

My best friend is diabetic

Alexa’s Vløgs

Netflix has a dark crystal movie or show

Brett Hazlett

in zombies me and my friend were just starting and when the ground cracked she bought the rifle and she got the raygun instead of the rifle like if thats happend to u before

James Solomon

i like your music taste

Brittney A'sha

Salute 🙏🏽

Dino _ was _ here

Natalya is dumb

coryx kensen


Sven Von Nebenan

I am 15 years old and I think I have bpd but I'm scared of telling my parents, maybe they'll think I'm seeking for attention, I'm scared what should I do? Please respond asap