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Angel Lang

Y didn't u call the cops


Can i have yo email?

I still got and play the original on my 23 year old Playstation, but it literally hurting the eyes to play it on my 4k tv.

Janssen Akio Milan

At 2:28 the drone pass right to the balls


I ran over a deer as michael and he said: "at least it wasn't some dickhead with a crossbow." is it just me that thinks it's a reference to walking dead?

Jeff Anderson

These trailers are more secretive than the ones for Endgame and I love it.

staff moral increased

MerchantOdeath12 Gaming

Finally another chimera related activity


Umm... i can't find the image of the throne in the description :/

David King

A cleverly disguised Fiat 500 commercial

Mina Le - Silverthorn PS (1160)

I don’t really pee often, and when I heard about cancer....

Michelle Konwick

Hahahahahah LOL!!!!!

Like a Pro

I survived a place deadlier than permuda triangle it’s called

Prajakta kale destruction

2:40 knife throw in crossbow trick shorts

Baxley Brassell

Whats really sad to me is when people have an abortion when some people try this hard to get what the other person wants to get rid of🙁

Livi Kitty Cutie

Thank you so much! This really helps! I’m autistic and I have had the exact same worries she had. I am so happy that someone has shown me that there is still a bright future for me!

Shumaila Imran

Garret rocket


Ariail Lewis

I’m That Girl

tucker gameing

When dude perfect is poor look at rage monster so that's how they are poor 😂

Tai Xoum

any one else get scared the crap out of when u first went into the grocers?

Maya Schmid

wow I love this!


Wait, do they have a jetpack in the game? I wanna know if there is and if you could use it to get close to the UFO- i dont have the game so idk-

Real_LiLGhost Official

You should have told someone sooner😂

Michael Topasna

We were all Halftime Fanatics in 2019

Fukkk*remember I have homework

Melly & Brisa

You guys got to get a new doctor...he seemed bothered and annoyed af!

Ashley Babcock

Play basketball

Like if you agree


Tom Hardy in The Drop gives me a bit of the feeling here and there with his talking and gestures.

Cong Nguyen

M ôg này trông vui vẻ nhỉ


I hate being a grillllll yes a grill

Gustavo gameplay

Algum BR

K.vinith V


Curtis Grissom

A&m sucks all about them razorbacks

Almin Radoncic


Alexis T

Kellerman would get credit if KD played all series but not for just one game, cause KD did score 50 on Kawhi yes it was regular season but nobody has scored that on Kawhi reg or post season and it's not coincidence why that guy was KD, Raptors better not play around and lose gm 5


You should make a sterotypes school


You guys have just been beating by ALABAMA! BOYAHHHH!

Grace Badin

I am soooo Confuse because it went from one story to another story

Barbarian : Yes

Razor Chuck

They probably used the aim_bot command because all of that is just super insanely awesome.

j03y Moesa

Top 10 funny easter eggs #pliz

Cedrick oof

like 90% of the comments are

Marisol Castro

So, it means you don't flush after you pee.


Check out our shots! Our 3rd video is in the video responses and we have 5 more!

Panda gaming

A note my future self Heard them niggas throwing shade


No matter how much Alien: Colonial Marines sucked dick, at least it made a Spaceballs reference