Jake Paul - "Cartier Vision" feat AT3 + Jitt & Quan (Official Audio) Reaction Video

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Now we know this a "inside" joke of these pedophile ring, we can't watch this sh-t anymore. Tragic, but true.


0:07 oh so i’m not the only one that had that happen to him

Brooke Guenther

I love cory I want to date him

Greek Hound

u forgot the |

Keith Damico


Sasha Minimoore

I would be able to do that. No joke. I'm serious. I would be able to beat that record


Friends friends

Jon Lockley

Like if you. Want the panda to show his face


And once I laughed at a dead dear in a pool and was on MEME REVIEW👏👏

Static Misery


Spikedvampero Games and plush

I have no idea what’s wrong with me



Vincent Moe 22

Honestly that bunt was terrible yeah it was accurate but popped up smh


My friend thought OCD was about having things always straight, and perfect and I am just like.."What."

Dhruv Jain

Tim ❤️

Aves Original

Hundred dollar dates at 15 ...... I can’t


do you have a playlist on spotify of every song you use on your videos. I would love to have one :D

Mr Amarello

guy: breaks into my house

smity city

You cut hulks head if😣😔😭

Kyle Colgan

You guys definitely deserve a congrats. You are better than “how ridiculous” because you guys came first in 2009. So plz thank you so much for making this videos. It makes me happy. Plz make more stereotypes, battles, face offs, and more!


I like both places

Sommer Winnie Stephen

Yes yes yes please

Maria Gu

I'm glad everyone is safe :)


I'm suicidal, but I'm only 10 and this started when I was 5 or 7... BUT I have been able to keep control, I haven't held a knife and cut my self. I have a mindset of when I'm mad, I think of what I can do, I believe I'll make it through life and I feel positive, but when I'm mad, I go out of control and imagine sliding my own throat, this doesn't happen often but only when I'm mad. There you go, my 10 second story...

Angel Cruz

U guys make the best videos

Lisa Rice

They have to much fun

Alisha Gentry

Y'all should do a panda edition

Tori Schettler

I think there’s a difference between supporting your child’s dreams and “saying no”. Never telling your child no means they won’t understand it when they’re older, they need to be told no to understand you can’t always get everything you want. By all means encourage your child’s dreams, but say no when they aren’t allowed to do something or get something, explain why, but say no.