Jeff Beck, Terry Bozzio & Tony Hymas - Sling Shot


The beat different

S p - r i n g 버블티

Before my dad quit smoking, he would smoke so often that when other people smoke, I would be so used to the smell, it smelled like normal clean air. But I managed to get my dad to stop smoking by restricting the amounts of smokes he's allowed to have everyday. He usually smokes half a pack a day so I first started with only allowing him three. Then two. Then soon around half a year later he quit. It's been 3 years since he's quit smoking and I'm so glad my house doesn't smell like a thousand packs of cigarettes anymore.


Can everyone just forfeit except for Chandler so he can win?

Freezing Jazzy

What about the division?

Darris Marlow jr

Yay! Are they back?


Spoiler alert! During the quest line clan wars you find out there is a pub at the end of the rainbow. In this pub there is a tunnel and at the end there is the money stash of the irish family with a midget protecting it. In other words: there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

jinat jahan

Make a new nuclear typing

Tom Meyers

these eastereggs were pretty lame thought...

not planet earth lol

can you get it on computer???

Lil Abi xoxo ;3

Its nice hearing that you supported him so much. Xx


9. How nintendo advertised

Macy Lenihan

Life goal: Get yourself a hype man as good as Jen

denis tulin

Five yrs later

Kevin Malone

Damn anyone found gurus easter egg I got stumped again

Andrew Brosius

All Sports Basketball Battle!!

yağız tok

developers 666 craft wtf illuminati o_o

yusiang wong

Next? I think it will be drifting trick shot

Laxmi Agrawal

Cooking battle

Dhruv Mehta

Who Else Came Here Thinking It Would Be "Soccer"

Namrata Arora

Why dolan twins have more subscribers than u


AND u got 62 thumbs up at that cmment....

Ahmed Rizwan