Juice WRLD - Lucid Dreams (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

Juice Wrld - Lucid DreamsJuice WRLD's Channel: Produced by Nick MiraDirected + Edited by Cole BennettDirector of Photography: Cole SchwartzSteadicam by Bayley Pokorney--Official Channel of Cole Bennett / Lyrical LemonadeSubscribe for updates on music videos, interviews, performance videos, etc.Cole BennettLemonade#LLMusicVideo #JuiceWRLD


I think you missed one in Tomb Raider 3. The hovitos idol reappears in Lara's mansion's trophy room. Along with items from other Tomb Raider games.

Nicholas Patella

Is it legal to put other games in a game? Like how they did in this game in that basement. I mean, are they not copyrighted logos?

he'll wilt. He cannot carry the Warriors, and if KD leaves, then they'll be in real trouble. He may be the best shooter the game has ever seen, but that's it.

skeou canabiss

omg 16:02

Blue Rode


Leigh Hunter

Well idk if I have ocd, so I'll state my symptoms. I am cool with this now, but a while ago I used to hate stepping to much or adding to much pressure on one leg. If I accendicatly added to much pressure on one leg, I would step just as hard on the next step to kinda even it out. I also did this with my any other body part. If I accidentally hit my arm on a wall, I would hit the other arm equally as painfully (usually in the same spot). I'm also okay with this now, but before I also used to "pray"after every little thing, like hotonv my touching a person on accident, breathing to hard dumb things like that lol. Now I still currently have this, but I can't stand people coughing or sneezing, or breathing to close. I hate physically contact, and my instant reaction to it like her is to move away. I also have this bad habit (one of many) of before going to bed, changing my whole out fit, so I don't sleep with any of the clothes that was on the contaminated couch, chair, etc. Another thing to add is I once refused to eat something, because my friend touched it with her hands. Don't know if this is relevant, but hey. I'm still unaware if this us an issue, but I'm still a bit concerned after hearing her symptoms.

Paxton Sarvis

Y’all need a blitz ball filed

hump teh contrler

Mr. Pillz

Holy shit Guru, that end editing made me laugh so hard that I don't feel so good.

Aiden Kimery


fristyoutube yep

How are we 80% urine when we are 75% water that equals 155% our bodies is a total of 100% maybe you should go back to second grade

Pedro Almeida

The max payne 3 easter egg is from a brazilian famous story about a boy that saves the forests called curupira...

thehotel grace

they should play dragon ball xenoverse v2

Dexholder Emerald

Everyone: oh my this is really sad

Luisa Abesamis

It made me smile the whole time they had a chemistry.

wayne lee

ty kinda did meteor jam if u watch knb


You guys think I can get 9 subscribers by tmm to hit 150 subscribers? 🤞🏽

Isaiah Clark

Ur not the riches man in the world

Love you and your vids bro.

Reign Delacore

This isn't how appendicitis works... if you are going to die from it you do not have time to write a letter, the pain is excruciating, you'd be rushed into emergency surgery and unless you live in a third world country you are most likely going to make it. SMFH

Outstanding Otter


Commander Peridot

What area is The Lie in?

Angelo Bernal

U r sick




Mr.Krabs would like you know your location.

Alex Tompkins

I like the Mega Man Style! Gr8

Samuel jayakiran

Waste vedio