Katrina & The Waves - Walking On Sunshine

Official video of Katrina & The Waves performing Walking On Sunshine from the album Walking On Sunshine.Buy It Here: The video proceeds to depict the band performing live at a United Kingdom concertLike Katrina And The Waves on Facebook: Website: Official YouTube Channel:

Wait a minute do you know filipino Leaving your wife cuz the Sparks left the relationship is the first thing you did wrong. No marriage is perfect their are going to be rough times but the first thing you needed to do is talk it out between the two of you. if that didn't work then maybe going to the park or something that will get both of you moving take the daughter to spend quality time with her. Because the most selfish thing you did was forget about your daughter's feelings AND FOR THREE MONTHS. Lots of thing can happen in three months. While you were messing with another chick your daughter could have been in more pain then the mother. Since children aren't as naive as you'd think. Right now it might not affect her but the more she's gonna grow the more she's gonna realize what you did. And she'll hold it against you for doing it. So I hope those three months wasn't just about remembering how great your wife is but about the consequences you'll have when your daughter becomes rebellious


mini sodes are awesome keep it up!

Creepy Child

The ones that relax me are the first 4 idk it’s just so satisfying to hear idk how to explain it. (I’m half asleep as I type this so if this doesn’t make sense you’ll know why)

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I’m now team editor


Okay this is sad but on a positive note isn thing go to 7:57 how can you hear a silent tho g

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Get hannibal buress on the show!

Discipline and abuse are two totally different things. I was spanked when I'd sneek cookies when my mom wasn't looking. And when I was little I planned on running away. But now that I look back I deserved it. I have a great relationship with my mother who by the way is a excellent singal parent. I've never had to worry about the bills being payed and if I was lucky get some of the things I want. Sometimes saying no to your kid will stop them from being nothing more than a spoiled brat as a kid making a disastrous adult.

~if you suspect they’re cheating find proof by seeing the texts, them kissing, holding hands etc.

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im the only suscriber to ur vlog thanku very much


Not sure if I get it

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I only watched this to see the 737-500

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Insane! These trick shots arę going to także forever! My favorite was a double backlip im your big fan!