Kemba Walker Mix - “Uproar”

I do not own any of the clips or song in this video. They all belong to their respected owners. I just put it all together. THIS is making me NO MONEY. Not copyright intended.Song: Uproar by: Lil Wayne

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just subscribed! love your dogs!!!

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Finally, the original Dude perfect, no commercialii..... MY ASS!theyre still the same, fucking awesome that they have sponsors!!

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Subscribe if your watching this in 2017

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panda as sonic


Twilight princess vibes like crazy tbh

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You guys are boss

soo lucky man

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No cobey will never win


@NBA2K12BOSS after reviewing your ebonics i assume dere is the grammar version of they, and apparently you are the nba 2k12 boss

Pyrowolf GT

Cobywon the F.E.D.P.G?B. I think that’s it first ever dude perfect game battle

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everyone in minute videos has a sob story

Grey Heart

I hate how they celebrate. So artificial.

Harrison Scalf

I don’t think a knife is considered a crossbow


5:03 Now i feel bad because i killed cosmo the first time i saw him =(

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2019 Anyone?

VTX Vxyron

This Is Called Giant Basketball TrickShots... Next Do GINORMOUS TrickShots!


15. Malick (Possibly Tess’s former boyfriend)

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You guys rock


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do a paintball war

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I could tell it was that crazy nub from the thumbnail

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i love Tyler and COBY

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Why? It's communist! WHY YOU DID IT????

You have two options:

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Government: let’s ruin there lifes


My fav rap song

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I'm not crying im not crying im not crying

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Gar is not known for saying sorry

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What’s her Instagram

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It doesn't matter wherevu come ftom bullying is wrong

no u


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What size ball is that mens women or kids.

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The ol days of dp it really homemade but now its more like a tv show but in yt


That. Mutant chicken Easter egg,

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Some starships look exactly like obiwans ship out of star wars episode 2

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you guys should do a video with Tom Brady

Staff Morale Increased



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and it is how many, not how much. get your grammar correct

anant jain


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I want those dirtbikes

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There's a whole bunch of references to other characters on the Panessa Studios posters.

"Hit or miss,,


Remember me when they vault this

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U know if that match fell on the grass it would burst in flames

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Wtf?u been down!..just retarded..

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guru  your awesome

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Great job on another amazing video Guru

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I remembered being discriminated as a foreigner in an international school before. It was horrible but I managed to tell my parents about it and they told the counselor to counteract the bullies. Glad that poor Russian girl made it through in life! :D

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Will Monaco u r so stupid this is real

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Alright, here is what I say:If in the next trailer I see a White Walker, I am watching this in cinema!:)Seriously, I want one White Walkers and Night King (ONLY White Walkers and Night King) crossover with Frozen.

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The team mom always makes you feel better


How is this baseball

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Coby will win

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My mom and grandma are going to be at the San Jose Jennifer Lopez show

It's kind of annoying hoe she keeps calling him a jerk

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i’m ashamed to say this but i forgot this channel.