KT Foreign x Mike Sherm x Sethii Shmactt - No Love [Prod. RAF]

novan novan

Bang dude udah pernah wik wik belom

David Ramirez

No national dex huh? Too lazy?

terry cook


Tom Jones

This is why like girls ⬇️

TomBot3000 VIP

Who see this in 2016 like me if you see this in 2016 :)

Seb Pierre

My life is over I peed my pants on a ride in Disney land in front of my crush

Hafsa Atta Ch

I would love to tell my story, Sir. I think that it may help not only students but also teachers, I would love to hear your suggestion about this.

franko pro

El gol de coby es como el del pity Martínez

Jones Hamann

How do they afford the rage monster

Earl Nathan Mendez


Caleb Alexis Cuaderno

I like your song

Simon Zagorski

is it really beseball edition if they use a basketball for most of it?

Mr. Awesome568

This was made 8 years ago they look younger

شاكر البابلي

كم عراقي يشاهدهم

Dragon of Thane


Cooper Gottschall


O.N. Games

Yes April 2019


2:02 tiger



스위치 팔았는데 이거 나오면 다시 사야겠다..


the comeback starts tonight. GSW in 7

Alexis Capps

Finals were trash and i did good on all of them but math i got a c in math so kinda happy but yall did great love u guys so much and yeah

Plus, how could u have known about the lightning

Thị Thu Thủy Phạm

Really heartbreaking 😥

Amy Rose

i miss ethmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

j don

this is all lesions fault


lmao hoe


How does Ibaka know 500 languages???? He's fluent in so many!

Every doctor at Kaiser Permanente is super cool and chill...this is where I had all my kid's....I do know this doctor too.

Alaa Azzam

hello I am hashem and what about a motercycle battle

Susan Aligarbes


Colton McEntee

hew is the panda

Maxon:here you are now elder of the brotherhood

Miqka ``

Why all the comments are like : WHO IS WATCHING IN 2018??!!?!??:(

Sam Crouse

mike trout


hey guru did u know that there is a easter egg where the teddy bear is on freight it behind it it has a stop sign then a hammer then a clock to say "stop hammer time"



stupid fucking codfag


Omfg why do I find mental illnesses so interesting?!

David Torres

I've been subing since day one


there is actually a 51% chance that coin lands on heads

Good rus onces

Starz Bang

TY's over excitement is annoying af

Mel Mich

Being in you're 20s isnt that great. I cannot wait to get more mature of a face.

Video: HeS gOnNA dIE

Luke Wilkins

We're do you live?

asthma attack

But arent mia and tia like kid cars

Landon Hatch

Cory Coby you two need to do something like get a haircut one of you so we can tell the difference between you two. so if you would, thx. love you guys your the best


u so brave t watch this video