Kur- "Re Up" (Produced by Maaly Raw)

Kur is steady dropping new music consistently!! Re Up produced by one of philly hottest producer out Maaly Raw. Stay Tune!! NGB!!Download link

why hello birthday twin

Real Talk

Make nipsey proud and go get some jobs!!!! 😂

AAANND… Well when I was in the 6 th grade I came home one day and suddenly had like a gut feeling inside me that something was wrong . I entered and found my mom crying because my dad has been deported. My parents are illegal immigrants from Mexico and me and my brother were born in the U.S. making us citizens. U went through a depression hard, it dint help that I was gaining weight because if this and my cousin started making fun of my depression even tho he knew why I had it. I had to go to their house almost every day because my mom worked a lot. I hated my aunt and her children. I made my mind to go to Mexico and come back for 3 years of high school


Ew why does he run like an absolute freak?!


what about the golden ray gun

Alieke Westhoff

Ik zit ook op volleybal! i playing volleybal to!😃😃😘😘

Silver Wolf

Tyi you’re mean

Tyler Knight

How are dude perfect so perfect

The Legend Of Lame

I got a sniper from a Badass creeper once, It shot Fire minecraft arrows :D


Is it Kid Guru or Guru Kid?

Fabulous Killjoy

I know many people are probably angry at her for bullying somebody like that, and believe me, I was too. But you have to also acknowledge the fact that she **apologized**. She apologized and she knew what she did wrong. She changed her ways. Nobody needs to become a bully to stop bullying. Attacking this girl isn't necessary because she's a changed person. She no longer goes out of her way to hurt others. So please, stop the hate. You're only making the topic of bullying spread.



Terrence Dillon

I’m not surprised. A lot of men desire other women, and a lot of women desire other men. It’s only natural. Monogamy is not realistic. Some can remain in this type of relationship, while others can’t . Plain and simple. It’s a primal instinct. Lust in a lot of people overpowers the mind. It’s not so unique.

Brücken Penner

The Dog Easteregg is so sweet;)

Dough Dough Pie

No U

Iris Wong

son: baldingdad: a head full of hairGuess who


Hey Coby won something

Yash Mewada

Brother very funny game

Andrew Wissing

0:23 wow the timing aligned with the music!! Nice!

John Masters

Shoeless Ty, Nice.


Congrats for #4 on trending.

Miguel Gonzalez

That’s so dope 💯

Fatima Ismael

NBA Youngboy x polo G🙌

xRedRidingx GT

3:49 the fuck , the baby (If its evsn a baby!) -s legs wtf happend?!

Thomas Shue's World


Mason Lewis

They should’ve used a blitz all for the curve one when Cody threw it to coby

Park Chiminie

I wonder if the editor-nim is crying while editing the entire video? 🤔

Aiden Varkey

R.I.P Cory cotten and Coby cotten

Eduardo aml

kdt, u didn't show "manhattan down" , the clips and the 2 radios around the map

Halli Hayes


Amy Lightvale

my friend's grandfather died a few days ago because he got some kind of blood problem or something

Yiğit Derici

I think the burning place easter egg in call of duty black ops 2 the image is corvo attano from dishonored.

Wyatt Cook

#Ilove theodd1out 1 👍 1❤ I love you guy's\theodd1out😇😇😇😇😇😇😇 i love when theodd1out uploads like if you agree!!

Michaela Beck

Where is the video of Austin and Catherine’s reaction???

Akira Ryuunoske

fingers crossed they tweak the junction system. I mean, I'll play it regardless but we gotta get more than a glorified texture pack.

Spike Mars

GG USA, You beat us Brits this time but look out in Tokyo

Helluh sama

Hes pretty nice.


whats going on



Elizabeth Bell

I am from South Carolina! Where are you from?!

Guille_Chidori YT

6 years later...I'm seeing this videoooooo

Om Solanki

I love card throwing trickshots from Rick smith jr.

Corbin Smajstrla




Kay Z

i agree with camogamer. rofl. it looked like the same amount of strength you would use as if you would putt a golf ball. the "golf club" was like a piece of wood and thin as hell. no way it could of moved the ball that far. but i've watched the other videos and they looked smooth. keep up the good work.