Lawyers, Guns, and Money

Widespread Panic performs Warren Zevon's "" at during their two night Halloween run at the Austin Music Hall in Austin, TX October 30, 2009.


21 bounces

Gamer Benson

My friend has type 1 diabetes

《Fruit Basket》

Haven't seen it yet, my guess is a threesome or the dad is a stripper/prostitute

Agent Zero

how many world records has dude perfect broke please reply if you know

Shoddygoose 38

Y’all on crack if u think outback beats roadhouse

oIo ep go



Can you please learn to spell?

I didn't know what to write That will keep you buisy :)

Big Sunday

Im a Transformers fan all the way. But i have to admit seeing Optimus Prime, the most noble Autobot, get his head shot off was still pretty cool.


Thank you Guru youre the best. I like how you put your own Easter eggs (that annotation) in a Easter egg video, pretty funny

Trent Tremblay

Lax stick

Me: ...but won’t it hurt your eyes...?

Kawaii Xfluff

1:13 oh he did not-

Stacy Playz!

Sadly my grandmother went through this too......She is type 3 diabetic.......


Don’t get me wrong, my family loves me.

Samuel N.

A new and exciting series, can't wait Guru!


7:07 DED

jesse johnson



the bending balloon buster is a fake you see the butt of the arrow but the tip is already coming out on 2:35

Leningrad Fighter



CHEEKI BREEKI Cancer is for people like 50!

Bing Bong

Thank you for giving our little fashion grandpa a good day