Lean On - Major Lazer - Easy Fitness Dance Video - Choreography

►Listen or buy everywhere: the original Lean On video by Major Lazer here: for more dance videos: ►Our webshop: ►Facebook: ►Instagram: ►Instagram Pim: ►Instagram dancers: ►Choreo by: Saskia van DijkWe love to bring you joy with easy fitness choreography's for kids and adults! Our dance school has 2 locations in The Netherlands (Woerden - Harmelen). We teach classes Zumba, XCO, Keepfit, Body&Balance, streetdance/hiphop. DANCE*JUMP*SWEAT*ENJOY www.thestarfactory.nl - www.saskiasdansschool.nl

k. namjoon

look's like jin lmao

renzoo tan

Something that I just realized

Hatice Çavdarlı

Türk varmı aranızda

Harry Haddon

congratulations man!

Destroyer Kid


Its Articu

My life is over


pause at 1:01 XD you can see how much times they had to do it if you look at the fabric


So early

Kevin Choi

sooo fake

Chelsea Lopez

Lopez is my


Who else is 6 years late

Orange County Martial Arts Center

teamty 4 life

Kimberly Aberle

Do a hot dog eating battle if you can.

Max Smith

Flip ur play button

Mr. Magistral Malik

I was slammed on to the floor in Biology class.

Michelle L-Hill

well i know the third song is twinkle twinkle

jeian agtas

that voice triggered me.

Michael Teague

does dude perfect buy all this stuff

End of the round :red team win


Next should be pirahnas hunt

QueenMooMoo 123

I hope world war 3 isn't soon. Think about all the innocent people that would die. It would be tragic for those around the nuclear wars also.

LilBeamer Official

Are you gonna d GTA V when it comes out?


Arrow Swisher

Turtle Crazy3000!

And WTF is wrong with that teacher

Rose Irwin

don't you think they should add new people


11:10 you're*

Banna Fam2047

you feel beautiful now when you put on weight so you have the perfect body and still had cosmetic surgery bish you dont understand

Paper Plat00n1

K.D has not played in months any Hooper that had a injury u don't jump right back in on day one....let's be real....

Dennis De Vries

"I don't know why you we're born in the first place" no shit Sherlock, you had a fun time in bed thats how she was born.

Sanic the Ugandan gamer

If your watching this in 2019 hit a like

Three Straw

Where is panda


Don't Dead Open Inside

Break break breakthrough Me: Holly shit....

Bullet -J


Sauce: Geneva convention

Like if this was close to ur reaction


Absolution Easter Egg: WHAT DOES IT MEAN!? (Or you could say:WHAT DOES IT MEME!?)

Jason Fehr

Who else thinks they should do more games with consequences vidoes

Monachus Bibe

What about the one in Ocarina of Time, where you can use the hookshot to cling onto the statues nipples, the nipples are the only thing the hookshot can grapple, not anything else.


Soap operas are like a greaaat deal around here.

Ramakrishna V


Sam Haas

wolf and panda

Its_Top Gio_YT

In the old guy: did “the old guy” call ty fuzzy face

I'm Leymann

#YIAYjob babysitting you.

Tatum Vermeulen

Girl Power 🤩

Yendy Florentino

Hermoso 😟😍 5 días y ya tiene 15 M de Views, Bien hecho Ozuna 💪💕 PR DO 🇵🇷🇩🇴

خليط قنوات دينية

Her mom is sick


I’d love it if you would eventually do an in depth video on empanada making like how you did the fried rice!!


Part 2 part 2 part 2

Apex Man

Rams are better

Watermelon Gacha

even if i went on a diet, i would break it 2 minutes later with taco bell

Luís Felipe Games


Bora Bekiroğlu

2. Boray

Clever Carolina

👎🏾 me


Lol the police didn't care at all

Ya boy Mike didit!!

Man lets get this song to #1 on trending 💯‼️💙🏁 TMC