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Kauê Pmentta

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somyanshu all in one

Dude perfect 😀😀


don't worry I have them all the time mostly in class

victory Ава

Who in 2019 ( I Russian ) (я русский если что то не правильно то не ругайтесь )

Susana Berrun

Grayson : “it’s going to hurt my stomach “ It's like a good model and role model for girl groups all over the world.

Rebecca Fucking White


Hirosuke Namikaze

Is there a game that doesn't have easter eggs?


Welcome back chief 😭👌

The real Ducker

Hockey stereotypes?

Eric Love

I stayed in the building he was standing on to do one of his shots


me in the middle of the video : Ummmmmmm i want a mist defuq


butittackslike10000 yearsgoodnis sacksheters


Alan Paterson

THAT'S GONNA BE AWESOME! Hopefully there's TONS of Easter Eggs!

Dark Stone AkiRa

Card lvl 100 ofiron



Super Invandrare

Come to me and i'll give you rest. the words of Jesus christ please seek him we all need him.He is True he is real

Strictly Awesome

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Thomas lcyer

this rains of castamere intro is epic

Manuel Ortiz

Cleveland Browns

bloody legend


As you can probably tell, I’m a huge animal enthusiast and I want to know what happened to the dogs. It isn’t fair that a poor innocent creature should be left with two abusive adults who take their anger out on it. Please, somebody tell me that the dogs are happy now?

justin games

8:52 that is my favorite movie


wtf was that glitch? it's like an unfinnished area or some powerfull force and thus it doesn't want you there... then it forces you away. xD pretty neat

Chloe Linders

i like these sort of videos you should make more

Grammar Not I Has

lisa simpson 2024! i cut :>

And if it doesn’t fit me I’m selling it and I’ll be rich😂😂💀


New video this Sunday, first episode of my new series. Was meant to be up last sunday but something came up.

Shorty tell me I'm the same

Haydn sharp

I love you shots🤗

Oksana Brusnyak

When i Go to the Mc to a Bday i say i want Flury or Mc Flurry Now i dont want to hit the ice BUTThe Ice Cream Stand and my friends shouted Like Crazy (◐‿◑)Its likeOH MY GOODNESS

Dusty Jenkins



poppin squad

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Jayden Tulloch

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D&L Yu

I subscribed

NQH 71

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İrem Erdin

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Ian Barcellos

Bounty hunter or cow hunter?

Cancer will make you suffer To the core of your despicable soul Perfect perfect perfect

Damon M

Basketball full court shot

tojejik Yo

Great video Guru, childhood memories some of these movies