Lil Uzi Concert In Philly (Live Performance)

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Me: NOT ANYMORE! Why girl? Your future was so bright. And you threw it away... well, at least you admitted it. 😔


Cory is correct, there is no sound in space

Samuel Deighan

She worked too hard, consequences were severe

lora lugvao

1222222 bo

La Moon ;3 dad did this to me..


w wallace

but most sports are named after the ball being used not the body part

Andre Perez

Hey man I really like how you edit your vids they're awesome

Zfi Sher

Trickshots here🔥

Anime moments

Japanese language please

Mr Linkyboi

Guy: sir your not allowed to lift weights on the yoga mats.Dude perfect main guy: ugh gr AHHHHHHH. *throws stuff everywhe- ah who cars anymore.Edit: i almost cried of laughing

me: awwwww sniffle

Melly Kw

Hey do you now how is panda

Ceballos Angelica

60 yards


I lost myself. How can I find me?

Chan Fam

Her : his skin was yellow.

Jennifer Serna

welcome to Cleveland johnny

Jongho carrying Hongjoong had Rofl.

Dylan Paul

Ty you duck

Hermione Granger

Wait you did that?

.Leaves Wife


which software do you guys use to edit and what aboout the intro video?

Maliek Owens

Real hittas is dying breed trillist who trilla

Ultra Lucky

I like seeing jj getting rejected and harry itching him self , do more 😂😂

Gage Tutor

Evan bass


i expected to hear: "whaaaaat is up everyone, this is your host killer keemstar, and lets get rooooight into the news" at 2:50

Rajesh Sangani

i have been here


jose rocha

Too bad crash didn't make it


all videos of 2016 are very beautiful

Lunar Artemis

The problem is.. is that I love chocolate :(

oh wait..

Leman's Crazy Reaction

Amazing guy!

6 Super Bowls


Hope Vang

This girl dont have a password on her phone