Lil Uzi Vert - NuYork Nights (SLOWED)

Lil Uzi Vert - NuYork Nights (SLOWED)

Fiona Stewart

Coby got mugged by cody

Jø rdi

join NBA

Dangerous Pinnapple101

A lot of people missed the like button


I'm in love with this new album too, you guys are golden 💖



Me: I’m the only healthy person in my family



Savage Mole

Thank god it's not Cyberpunk 2076


galaknuckels and raygun at round 2? hmmmmm

Mindie's art

I notice that a lot of these stories take place in Thailand...huh

jUsT a PaSsEr By

This is a really funny comment and it better get 10k likes


would you reccomend the game?

nicky_25_ monroy

Yo soy delgada y lo que quiero es ENGORDARR!! Pero no es porque sea anoréxica si no que es porque yo así soy y quiero engordar



Stefan Schaapveld

awesome video again stil love all of them

Sooty Frog

Ending is brilliant! just what I thought inside was about


Some People do it in fortnite, dude perfect is doing it irl

Guilherme Deoliveira

Anyone else notice the ruffles sign almost on every cut scene😂

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