Lil Uzi Vert - The Way Life Goes [Instrumental]

Reprod. MeProduced by: Cannon & Ike BeatsOriginal Sample: Landslide - Oh WonderNo plugins for the guitar so bare with me. I used a stock plugin and messed with the sound.



Jiya Hashmi

He said dont watch movies there

dencax LP

that ending tho :D ... nice video again ... hope you never stop doing them :---)

dmoney on gang

Tyler can I have your baseball bat for my baseball season


like what you said in your theory " longer under the control of the blob, no longer under the control of the player..."

Jamie Gato

Wait a minute, you LIVED in the woods?!!!

Sandwich boy

It's called school

Sumitra Wahlang


suba anbu

yeah garret's missing


What an Entrepreneur

Lincoln Darnell




Zelda’s Knight

Just... shut up and take my god damn wallet. Take all the cards all the cash all the coins I don’t care just gimme it.

The Kirbynator

Yo they are making a rpg about the dark crystal on Nintendo switch


Us government: I’m bouta end this mans whole carrier

noa kalter

as we're watching this on our laptops/phones


Growhome was fun, I finished it.

Makes sense I guess 🤔🤷🏽‍♂️

Jared's Pokemon

there perfect

Deluxe nuke

1 like=1 prayer for coby


It must be a open world ......

Johnabills 445

I thought of 9/11 6/10


Morbid daydreaming is one of my worst symptoms . I’ve had the horrible urge to kill someone for a few minutes or days or something now . And I feel like I’m a new person again

Dean Randolf

Frozen is a shit movie, fuck all you.

mon stars

how did at 6:16 it was a homeless man to a guitar singing dude

Tech Tips

3:32 good lawd!!!!

ZT Haas

That last one was like a screwed up fairytale

Austin Shannon

We Are Not Skipping Stones...We Are Flinging Foam. 👌😂🔥

Eliel Sabu

Leam nekkles

Kyoko Tachibana

What about Howard the duck at the end of guardians of the galaxy

Awesome Videos

I really love your videos

ur mum

Boy am I glad I’m a lesbian

Lil Vibration

1 like = 1 bigger bike for Cody

7:33 | Voldemort’s message

Christian Monroe

3:31 🤣

Fran k


It’s just A family


aaaahhhh I'm SOOO showing my age ..... ;/ anyways, can u pls help me figure this ONE mystery, pleeeees

Shweta Dash

Wait is this Michelle Phan's voice


Leon K

He runs fast liekabitch xD

Matheus Fernandes

Ilove is brazil

Zoltán Sőregi

Uhhh idk

Not gonna lie tho you could’ve flat out said

Ash da Vamp

I used to have anorexia but like bruh these sites should be BANNED AND SEUD WTF

Blaq Diam

Next up.. The Applai 🍎 4:11