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Haris Khan

i tink i will die at friday


I fucking love RTJ. Glad I'm not alone.

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas 2008

Renzo HVP

dimelo zion


I really under stand about the 8=D and sharpening a pencil in power puff girls

Just Ella

When hell is a swear word

Julia T

1:55 was hilarious

Titan The hockey goalie master

Ty you got to get in the butterfly


100 likes? heres 500+ for all your hard work ;P

Welp nvm k dun care anyways


0:02 zombies?

but now I'm 19. Jaiden: Losing your virginity in a foreign country isn’t as bad as losing your wallet

Dylan Mccarty

Didn’t this dude go undrafted

Clay Townsend

you guys are so funny i love you guys keep up the good work

Abid Ibn Faruqe

Why don't you play a treasure hunt game

Yuki Yuno

Poor girl. Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

-Pésimo uso de la música.

Ben Lipson

I tried to get into Kubrick films, so I started off with 2001, and the first half an hour bored me so much, I just turned it off. Maybe another day I'll watch the rest

Arturo Avila

So lick the spoon and then throw it back to the pot??? That´s disgusting man!

Adoption is an option.

Amy The Cat

I'm less than an hour away from orlando and I do the same thing in the waves XD

Mack Emerson

Is panda one of the twins?



Kathy Hart

wheres cobe