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The Nerd Girl

when i was 12 i weight around 90 kilos but now i am 110 kg and im 15


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Tom Aidoh

epic as shit!for all you people who say its fake shove ityour just jealous.

Mr. Artist

GTA v was sad

Gaming Direction

How to get your dude perfect basketball

Michelle Suarez

My only question is how?

Marcie Sauceda

I think you definitely having a boy🤷🏽‍♀️♥️

The DoggyIsMyMiddleName Show

The thing is you say “one minute videos” well it’s your name and your videos are about 8 minuets long dude

Rubina Gaffar

Give a like for Cory's luck or fortune



Me:I might've lost it, but you and I are still fighting to the very end of the treatment. The thing is, I had NHBCL (non hodgkins b cell lymphoma) that started about the day before Valentine's day, I'm not letting this ruining your and my life. I'm almost ready for the final and 6th round of chemo. Remember,stay strong and keep fighting, because God is with us no matter what.


10 year old memes are still funny, right?

Emily Alfred

i’ve gone through worse then this but wtv 😴✌🏽

Saiki. K


A Piece Of Ham That Explodes

Wait why is it minute videos if it’s over a minute for each video


I like this vedio

Copper Breeze

I'm allergic to any type of nut found out that when I was like five so I have no idea how peanut butter or anything like that tastes :(

WillDaBeast !

Garret you idiot. How dare you mess with Cory. (Did I spell your name right? I don’t know).


Polo g a dyin breed fr


great job!!! I loved it! :D

Lil Pitbull

Film Derek carr


i hate you so much right now :p too clever


If Cody got a catch on his rocket in battle 1, why didn’t Cory get one this time

Steve Burley

So Max, Was Sam licking the spoon from the mashed potatoes and putting it back in the pan so you would not want any. Lol.


I can make better

Charlene Mäusl

He is a great talent. A very humble soul :)


I fail to see twins

Vinnie Cheng

Football Vs Football (Soccer)



Sigh... love Drew, would've loved to see him in the SB


such easter