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So, you guys are claiming he went on TV and reproduced this shot, with cameras rolling? No? I didn't think so. This video is a fake, and until it's reproduced with NEUTRAL (i.e. NOT "DUDE PERFECT") cameras rolling, I won't be convinced otherwise. Watching the "flight" of that ball is like the freaking "magic bullet" theory in the JFK assassination. The laws of physics don't let a basketball move that way.

Brett Woodcock

I live so close to the speed way I can see it from my window. To see this video there I'm like you were so close

Neon Farren

The video should be titled: what if people actually interacted socially.

khalid anjum

Watching this in 2017 is surprising


No one :

Fefe Helfa

wow she’s sooo pretty



Lamonte Brown

This gave me bad vibes 😕

Sim Fabulous

Hulk:What are we waiting for??

Bob Thebuilder

your obviously a fucking moron

KJ2K Vortexx


Gta 5 gamer


domis ayy

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Tim tam

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My Name Is JeFf

Cody is a camper😂



Augen Weide

Watching your show from germany and I am addicted to your videos! Definetly the coolest and best chef and cooking-show in this internet-world. Thank you for your videos!

Me: GRAB chancla

peter reid

and that was the 10 billionth attempt

April Sandoval

The last purple one is the best

Dominic Johnson

Its hanna

Why was sexual abuse censored?

Rashad Brown

May Allah keep you and your Family safe Hope.

Shannon Floyd

Lol he is always the rage monster

Johnny Willis

This is the coolest video yet. You guys must really enjoy your job.


This is JrPerfect please watch our videos!!!! Thx!!!

~Morris E. Goodman~ Chandler:touches moisture boy

Super Pochaco

Not a single Metal Gear Solid easter egg in all your top 10 videos. I am disappointed.

Mexo Rules

I loved this video of fantasy factory, it was so funny


it would be funny if she drops it

I didn't know what to write


Wow! She cleaned those wings and I never saw her drink anything! She's awesome!

Christopher Hernandez

one word: 3 some!


Batman thing is a easter egg

kuollut kanava

1:24 wtf face=white hand=black

JJ Pinto

60 yard swing


there are a loooooooooooot of eastereggs in this game referring to the movies back in the 80s, the only reason y this is my favorite game