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The Group of People that could make this "work" consist only of a minority in comparison to the Majority which is far more selfish (which is very human like, but we have to move on from those bad traits, if we want to make this a better world.).

Jake Laperruque

Great video. So I think the Goldberg Variations is a Hannibal Lecter reference, but not quite to the show. In "Silence of the Lambs" Hannibal is playing that precise piece of music during one of the film's most chilling scenes:


You should have a great epic diet bike 🚲 🏀 🏁

Pretty lil' thing, you got a bag and now you wildin'


So many uncharted references

DJ Deighan

all of a sudden I want to go buy Shadow warrior

Kylie:”which car should I take, I think imma take this baby”

VivMike Pugliese


Just Kys

easily the best dp


Wtf is this guy

....just me okay......

The Wandering Dovahkiin

I like the fallout easter eggs I wonder why...I also like the arrow in the knee one

_Hannah Animations_

I wanna know how he was found. ;-;

P.S. I’m a Fan if the GTA series.

Angel Hi

I thought sleeping takes the pain


Celestial Yoshi

may I ask how the fuck do u find all of these??

WinterSpring —

#2 trending in the philippines!!!

Guardia Blader

Las Vegas

Sami Elabbadi

and the next day i woke up with a lighting hard head. im barry allen

Yeah, New Yorkers aren't going to fuck around when it comes to building evacuation. They know better.

Beng M. Salud

1:32 when you get report card and you see straight A’s

kristi martin



I thought he was going to hit the cow.

Nicholas Starr

Hey dp who is the guy under the mask of panda

Vlog gaming

In space because there is no oxygen in space you can’t hear a thing because for sound to pass there has to be oxygen

Connor Feltault

34 pulls all the stuff out of the car

Jayden Ramos


Nicholas Bowen

Y’all think the geniuses dude isgay