MESSED UP LOVE STORY PART 1-9 Reaction | Perkyy and Honeeybee

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Emma Harkins

The beginning of Dennis the Menace with the aspirin and flashlight used to relax me so much as a kid! Before ASMR was a big thing.


Number Five

My crush told me I can’t sing

Benjamin Rossignol

Dp vr NBA


simon says DIE


Theweirddancinggamer10 T

i'm the smuggler


Hmm not sure tho

Lawrence Conwi

Wow :(


That is a philly cheese steak but I don’t know where it’s from cuz I don’t live in Texas


What about the dog named Desmond?


2019 here

Maya Lockhart

I would’ve called the police on her

Raine Lee

This is why I only wear a shirt and shorts ... lol


What the hell? What happened to carry on?

 Great hairy milf movies