Metallica: Atlas, Rise! (Official Music Video)

From the album "Hardwired...To Self-Destruct" available everywhere on November 18.Directed by Clark EddyFilmed by Jeff Yeager© 2016 Blackened RecordingsFollow Metallica:

Liam Sinclair

Does anyone know the names of these songs?

suad muhammad

OMG ! I couldn't stop smiling abt this ILOVEIT he has a brilliant smile 💞🤘🏼

cm and i weight 52-54 kilograms i don't look fat but i am a little bit fat.

Luigi Vercotti

sounds exactly like bat shit liberals and how everyone that disagrees with them is a racist, misogynist, and a homophob

scorched_mango 62

When Elsa is jesus.... Oh...oof


great work guru :D

Mia Alecia G

Yo am I the only one who thought of brave when they went into the stone circle. Brave frozen crossover anyone?

Aidan Madawo

So the finale is American ninja warrior

Mum: shut up

Neiko Tejeda

Finally Adam Sandler is making more quality content. Keep it that way!


Can America claim James Corden as a national treasure even though he's British?

Marrion Bryant


Nikhil Padhan

This has to be the start of Disney cinematic universe

Ahmed Ghazwan

That (Big) part was hilarious, very accurate reaction. XD

Best Moments TW

Я тип один тут такой... 😅

Lokesh paul

lele do more like.these was awsmm


who else is wacthing this in 2016

Honey B

This man is an absolute trash!! Hell YES I'm judging you. The wife should have slept with someone else too. I hope she did

anna lazarski

He just stole 7min and 6 sec of our lives

Mar Lon

whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhttttttttttttt ))))))))::::

Michael Libeskind


Jonny Tee

"Your scar is legendary."

siwa squad

Any of the escalator tricks were the best.

Eleanor Calara

Raptor fans is desperate to win, they forgot to be human, and took pleasure of KD’s injury. Shot out to KD for his dedication to his team. Shot out to his teammates for keeping him safe while he is on the floor. KD rest well and speedy recovery, you have great team


Whoever drew this you are an amazing artists

Dawn Frank

Whose the anxious type???