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Muhammad Tariq

Ged ae you are the best you are my favourite

Blaru Blaru

OK this song is one of my favorites, Jihyo and Tzuyu are the stars of this mv, their part killed it!!!!!!!!!

Robin Could

I wonder what happens when you press every button in heaven. SUPER AWESOME EASTER EGG

Pinky Mixology

I remember trying to explain to someone that the man in the wall with the mustache told me that I wouldn't be able to buy 4x4 posts because if I tried to get them at the lumber yard the horizontal forklift drivers would bleed the black blood on them and it would dissolve the wood. I was convinced really really needed to build that bench to very special dimensions (they were actually standard dimensions that I had got from a DIY planter-bench so it wasn't like I thought I needed to build something impossible). Someone had taken my chalk (sister in law took it with her because she teaches art class and it was kid's chalk) and so I grabbed a piece of charcoal and started marking on the concrete patio where the bench would be. I started calling the hand that got smudged with charcoal "big hand" and my clean hand "small-hand" and that's when I knew something was up since I had done that hand thing before. I went and got a 5th of bourbon and gulped it down over about 45 min to an hour. Dead stop, system reboot. Woke up a whole bunch of hours later. Seems to be work every time one of those days happens. Don't even need an RX for that stuff.


Van Pham

hello thibaut courtois

The Frontlines

Um, welcome to biology 101.



R.J. Jones



2018 like 👍

Me:ya back in the 90's

poop mcgee

where was this kids fuckingcollege foootball scholorship

George Theo Tiogangco

Thank you for that wonderful video.


At the beginning, the golf club could be a reference to the part when he was hitting golf balls off of planes.


Not just old people get tumors my nephew got a tumor and he was in grade three but now he's all better and he's still a alive

dony dolphin

1:34 the yellow one Me: your the PURPLE hoser

sg 007

Go north across the enchanted land....Ummm... Beyond the wall?? Land of always winter?? What are you talking about....? Ugh... I'm confused 😑😑😑

Ben Bonhomme

Like me I’m struggling with....................handwriting starts laughing SHUT THE #### UP!!!!

gonza makemezommeataballz

Wow I'm loving this so much best asmr bravo