MKDMSK - Edelleen Edellä

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[Verse 1: GNAR]

Aaron Rainge

The huge alligator? Leatherhead!


Guys the girl is being a Tsundere

icefroz _gaming

The buttery popcorn guy

Jorge Calderon

Just replace the yolk with the yolk of the other egg ?_?

Big Chungus

Honestly, this is very heartwarming. I have no clue why people would dislike..

Ariel Kithler

Did anyone notice how they were wearing the same color shirt as there rangers suit

British Mapping

1:40 giant lego

Naplock Blubba

3:00 (roughly) did that license plate always say guru?


19:12 cum here! lol yogscast


great video, but place skip buttons if you don't want the spoilers :)




title is misleading >.> xD love you guys

Pedro Witz

Your videos make me depressive and happy in the same time.

Wolf Warrior10004

I’m so glad you are okay. I’m glad you’re alive.

Riley A

At least Mack’s mac isn’t wack

Lizzy Draws

I have a similar condition. It hasn’t been diagnosed, but I show many symptoms of mysophobia and hemlophobia, a fear of germs, and a fear of blood. I don’t think that I have any type of OCD, though. I find myself constantly trying to wash my hands over and over again. Any mention of disease terrifies me. I get scared when people talk about sickness and germs. When we were learning about the Civil War, we also had to learn about medicines in the Civil War.

sultanhamed g.a.r S.H

2019Still 3:07 part is way to far


Kevin couldn't even tell if it was tom.

JlynKyt Koo

I don't know them. Just saw this on the ads before the video I was actually going to watch, BUT WOW, this didn't even make me click 'skip'. The song was great as well as the artists. I'm gonna stan them now. 💕💕💕

Ramakant Sain


Amy Morin

Ty, pin so' deep!

(We somehow dealt with the problem, that was just a misunderstanding)


People like you are one in a million.

I Don’t

Wyd step-bro?


i like the part when he threw the ball and it went in


jonestown one was the first Easter egg I found when I beat the game.


NO 😳


the shape of the trophy... ok, it's pretty cool


Don't know if u notice but naughty beat doll in last of us (naughty bear is also by naughty dog)

Tre Riggio

Is it just me or did Tyler look a lot fatter and like a bum in these old videos that the modern ones? I like ty and all, but I'm just speaking my mind

No for reals I..I can't take it....😒😤

Soren Anderson

dude do another

kobe Chisholm

Kyle his huge asl compared to the dude