Mock the Week Series 14 Episode 7 - Ed Gamble, Milton Jones, Katherine Ryan, Josh Widdicombe

Dara O Briain and the team return for another series of the topical comedy featuring guests Ed Gamble, Milton Jones, Katherine Ryan and Josh Widdicombe.

Lege Ndar

I always thought that the panda was that black guy they have in a few of their videos. This confirmed my suspicion


The field with the pool around it is crazy. Pro field?

Zakaria Sb

This is fake :)


Love Dude Perfect !

Arti MapsTv


Naresh Khushale

Please help

Markimoo Gaming

Any one watching in July 2018

Dexter Haven

Media obsession with Durant is sickening. Why talk about what a player not playing COULD be doing. Instead of what Leonard IS actually doing?

That Explains Everything

To the ones wondering, the name of the video in the last easter egg is "Looked and were Watched", as in as you watched the video, someone would start watching you.

Cape Meares

What does he use to edit his videos ??

Lili Duran

Did she die im confesd tell me




Oh and I recommend watching this one on 720p, Youtube has messed 1080p up a little. bit so

Briek Leupe


natasha roy

did they really get hurt in the rage monster stereotype


14:37 i will be funny if Kojima keep the jump scare at that part of the broadcast

Dennis LaVergne

giggum aggies


So fucking sexist, this is pissing me off. Also the misogyny is unreal


Already heard this story and you stole it from llama arts💀

Mad Mike

I've seen some of these movies and I never noticed that

1%: graphics


LIke for panda and Obviousely go to my channle for more

Lendrick Austria

Why am I feeling some Game of Thrones vibe here?!😁💖

strictly business

Why is this on my recommend i watched this a long time ago lol

James Tears

What if this was actually set in the future and magic was just advanced technology that would explain all the Easter eggs shown!

Pasta is a Pewdiepie

You didn't even think about your kid?

Darien Fabela

you skare mi bitch

Captain FALKEN

I guess there is a rage monster for everything

Sorry was me

And if your family hates gays then tell you to be with a girl/boy don’t listen to them

CharterCent does Youtube

When a bad thing in life happens, dont say why me, say try me.