Modern Talking - Cheri Cheri Lady (Official Music Video)

Modern Talking's official music video for 'Cheri Cheri Lady'. Click to listen to Modern Talking on Spotify: here to get the brandnew 2017 Modern Talking album 'Back for Gold': featured on 25 Years of Disco Pop. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: Play: from Modern Talking:You're My Heart, You're My Soul: Sexy Lover: Louie: great 80s videos here: Modern TalkingWebsite: to Modern Talking on YouTube: I cannot explainEvery time it's the sameOh I feel that it's realTake my heartI've been lonely too longOh I can't be so strongTake a chance for romanceTake my heartI need you soThere's no timeI'll ever goCheri Cheri LadyGoin' through emotionLove is where you find itListen to your heartCheri Cheri LadyLivin' in devotionAlways like the first timeLet me take a part"#ModernTalking #CheriCheriLady #Vevo #Pop #OfficialMusicVideo

Anthony Cortez

Arkham origins next?

mike atl

I thought this was a real movie...

musa balapure


tre azad

You should all fear god

Joe Smith

Was he trying to be mean or just trying to help him back up?

Natalia Korjova

I have asthma but I don’t smoke

Vy PiR

Oh yeah yeah

Watch Jimmy neutron Caribao 10 hours straight


You seriously had to pick Lord Morata for this , huh?

She ded with the whole fam


The water looks realistic, good job disney........


love that you put the interstellar theme in.

CJB 123

I have anxiety too

Preeti Vijay

can I be a member of your group love u guys

Michael Cunningham

Sooooooo! bad


Duke dilema sumed up in one word:oof

Abdiel Cervantes


Yung Saucey

Old news, and this was posted 1 day ago. Post some new easter eggs, not old.

Dawn Frank

Whose the anxious type???

Bob & Weave

i always thought that was the moon

Luke Drason

I am not worried about Ty one bit

Jordan Van Goch

0:19 Panda in the trees



Mike Sikes

Steph Looking Bad!!!!!



Joel Inderst

By the silhoulette pawn district 9 their is mario

Ozias HD

Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day) vs Billy Joel

Blocky Beth vlogs\gaming

Double dad trust shot when he bent down


Haha Im from Poland

Alyssa Chichester

This is the saddest thing I've ever seen 😥

Alice Palazzi

you are very good


Suck my dig

Lil' Nacho

Did you use the spanish simpsons intro?

noah horvath

Team Ty

Jordon Dargin

this blew me away. i feel like every song ur getting better and better. ur gonna blow up one day


I love dude perfect.From Tahina

iidead memeii

I rather die then stay here....;/

Walthor Faustus

I still play RDR over 5 years now, but GTA V went boring after one year of playing. I don't know, these "modern settings" are overused.


Tom Holland is really good at playing someone who's hiding something.

Trump has entered the chat

Dielast 2007

What a nice person are you you are so nice


John Stark

Buffalo bills do trick shots with nate peterman as your guest

Koster Silvernail

Congrats you two. You two are going to be incredible parents for Yung Theo. Papa Bless.

Adedayo Taiwo

3000 anybody?