Money Man- Same Way (GTAV MUSIC VIDEO)

official audio is by Money Man. I do not own the rights to the song, this isentertainment purposes only.You can download his album "paranoia" out now! atmans channel : #paranoia #queeniietv SHAREfactory™


Dude, Hall of Tortured Souls should've been a bonus!

DaBrandAsian S

My personal favorite, rockstar game right now is Red Dead Redemption, I never played GTA 5 Yet! But I will soon. GTA 4 is my favorite GTA game I am playing right now though.


im kind of confused but ok

James Guildford

Brian is so annoying he cheats and when he gets a taste of his own medicine he hates it and complains


We want an partie 2

Cameron Lobley

Hey, guru! Great video as always, man. If it's alright I'd like to ask you a few questions. (Don't worry I'm not gonna ask you about what your upcoming videos are.) What would you say is your favorite game, favorite Easter egg from that game, and what game are you most looking forward to? Keep up the great work, lad.


But Guru, even a 3/10 with good personality will have a good personality when growing old while looking worse!

Marlon Bautista

next is car vr game

Maddy Browning

You: I found it hard to make friends


The Modern Warfare 3 Easter Egg made me sad..

Wesley Prescott

Add shave your head like if you want that

Clairese Lauren

Vid: I feel in love when I was 3


The last easter egg… Oh no that's horrible for him… :/

Jesu Apollon


Solo Skull

My best friend slipped and I accidentally touch them while catching them before they fell

Emily Smith

Poor kids with no mom


this video is homophobe apologia, seemingly intending to validate the hateful feelings toward the LGBT+ community in very young people, and needs to be taken down

Luck God

Usopp would be proud