Money - Pink Floyd - Drum Cover by Keith B.

This is one of the very rare cases when I am using a first take, so I feel good about that. This is especially true since the song uses an unusual 7/4-4/4 time signature, which makes everything feel non-instinctive. Also, during the passage starting at about 3:50, drummer Nick Mason does an overdub, as he has two hands going on his hi-hat while doing two-hand fills on his toms and snare.A few drummers doing covers with much better technological skills than me did the same, using a split screen and cool editing. Being low tech, I needed to simply play a hit-hat beat with my left hand while doing mainly one had fills with my right. Oh well -- it kinda works. "Money" is by far my favorite song from Pink Floyd, and the tape recording of money machine sounds in beat are a stroke of genius. It was Floyd's first hit, reaching #13 on Billboard's Hot 100 way back in 1973.

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