MULATTO - Deserve feat. Derez De'shon (Official Audio)

Deserve (feat. Derez De'Shon) · Mulatto"MULATTO" is Available on Apple Music: Miss Mulatto on:2018 Pittstop Ent.

Gregory Owino

And people are here having foetus deletus's

Sean Ferraro

Tyler's the Captain of DP The Red Ranger is the captain of the Power Rangers !

אורי מהדב

I watching in 2018

T101 Terminator

I mean Wonderwoman


I just can’t do it! I’ve told her before she keeps on saying it’s puberty it’s puberty and when I say well know-one else is like this then she is like you’ve gotten it early don’t worry 😭😢

Lintang Dani

im lov dude pervek

Shanti Kpoper

“He gave me everything I wanted.”

black night dabing

You cool girl

I leik memesツ

0:01-0:03 mark zuggerberg with a sans shirt 👌👌👌


That is awesome


The GOW one was pretty funny but in GOW:3 do the mission where u get to a school and make sure our using Cole,, then go to a slide then hit x

David OFWGonzalez

0:23 no smoking near park restrroms ... -_- epic fail..

Boss Man

where kyrie

Mc Bozzplays

the computer is a microwave

Brawlgemado !


abyan dan iqbal

2019 ?

Keeper of Eurobeat



At least Borderlands 2 has this Dark Souls side quest too in Tiny Tina's DLC.


Get better Guru , thanks for the vid

Pipio Tsegaye

At least he died doing what he loved may God bless him and his family

Alicia Fernandes




Pokemon/Parkour Studio

5:43 who is that?

And I hope with all of my might you will have you're little girl

dhananjay kumar

Snow board struggler is the best

Reshma Sabunani R

The reason that i cant go to the basketball charity event is because my family doesnt have a lot of money to go to LA


My Brother says your his fav

Jordan B

oh my god I live in Orlando too


hello I'm Vietnamese

moonlight playz

...i know how ypi feel...

Edge Edge

Was I the only 1 laughing at the trailer


The bio says we BECOMED her! 😂 It’s BECAME! 😂

Jan Michael Nicer

According to slow motion Tyler did not win


love it

camila ro

The doctor was irritated and i dont blame him this girl is mad annoying!


Coby wins

laura gloss

Thank you. I wrote down what I want to say and point out. I only want to let them read the letter instead of me muttering trying to think of what to say and my point gets zig zag.

Karma hit him I guess


Why is Cody wearing a lebron Jersey then a curry jersey


No Johns guys

Auke Brands

I hade subscride and liket all your videos

Vic Mensa 2

At 1:52 am I gonna be the same guy that drinks water

Crazymaneli Clark

Song at 0:40


Wtf are sam and max and monkey island??????? Iv never heard of them befoure

nagu genjeti

nice video

Vidi In HD

Oh in a year I can play on a little less crappy console. Or I can play on my PC right now and have 8k with 240 for on every game.