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Nemanja Vuksanovic

Keep doing your Easter egg/Hidden things in Movie's/Games. The thing that makes you stand out in the crown, is your "Old school Theme" Videos.

Shivam Papat

These guys are just ...Perfect🔥

Gena Nesland

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Dinis Malaquias

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Angga Pratama


Owen Giles

This just made my day

Hyper First


Sub to die

I see that youtube recomendations have brought us all togheter again

Army Boy

Bottle breaker card looked like a credit card

איציק עקשטיין

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Clark Arriola

Garett look like an idiot

Maleah's Diary

Wow....I'm So Sorry :( Can Someone Please Report These Abuse Stories? Please? I'm Happy Your Life Changed For The Good.


No matter what Rage Monster is my favorite

Jazz Roan

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Ashley Peppa Pig

this video is soo dirty

Jake Long

They should put undead by Hollywood undead in the next map.

Echo Echlips


I asked him why, I wanted to take a rest for a minute after doing chores and asked my

Tommy TF2

dat giant flamespitting golden chicken of death

Shaan Babuss

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k a i t l i n k i m

ugh the girl is soooooo annoying

Mariona López Corominas

Vincent, you must contact me, because we should get to know a bit morè about each other. I am high funcioning Autistic too, Asperger Sindrom, we are not broken, society is broken.

James Brent

Perspective through the lens, so it seems to do that, but it really isn't.An over exaggeration of this is with fisheye views.

Vincent Zhao

Head shot

Jonathan Perez

Bank is a map from payday...

DoDo Savge66

Ty did every shot

Bunny’s K-Life

When you hate Fortnite.

Josie Mukeli

Congrats ma

Sparky_ Gar

To be honest - I cried-

Rest in peace daddy 💖

Chimmy Changas

I haven't even finished the first game yet but okay.


Drops From a high location animates it like nothing happen Hope you're good m8

Zach Cordner

Go bulls

Angel Cake


But I’m not gay.

Kim Yen Nguyen



you get a 13G achievement on the 3rd clip for going there :) i definately recommend buying the orange box! love this vid

Ala Mechken

has anyone found the secret annotation ?! i tried but i failed


Did no one read the phone it said wierdo detected ahahah 😂


So it it like an animal rescue haven YSAC's got going on or what? One of YouTube's greatest mysteries, right above "who's How2Basic?".

Nicholas McMillian