Nicki Minaj Barbie Drip Reaction w Flu Wop #CarChronicles

Watch as @JaydeJuelz & @Flu_Wop check out Nicki Minaj's remix to Lil Baby's Drip Too Hard hit record.OMW Out Now on ALL Platforms

the I moved in with my mother and her husband and teenage BROTHER

Maria Papadaki

When you both stated crying, I cried too. Congratulations!! I love you all so much!!❤️❤️

Bilgisayar Canavarları

What is song


how do you know all of these freaking easter eggs?! are you a gaming psychic or something?

Damaris Mejia

You inspire 🤤me now thank you 🙏💕


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Is the panda your roomate

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Soledad Alvarez

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bahja mohamed

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Parker Bledsoe

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Alex 2

Nice job guru! Keep up the good work!

roguezz destroyer

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Michael Miller

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Chalki Chalk

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brendon puckett

Come on Colby you need to win the next one

Señor Everything

Woah so my take away from this video is that if jacksfilms wasn't an alien he'd be Ukrainian that's mega dope to think about

Ron Swanson

If it’s a storm flip what happens if you throw it in the not storm area will it creat a storm?